Are You Feeling Stressed

I don’t know about you, but this time of year is always stressful to me. With Mother’s Day coming up, Lilliam’s birthday, then Christmas and then after the first of the year work on taxes. Well I have some good news for you. I found a new stress remover and it will help solve several of my problems and maybe some of yours.

Back in December of 2008, I researched the therapeutic massage offerings in David. A good massage always brightens my day and it definitely removes stress. It was a tough assignment I had given myself back then, but somebody had to do it. 🙂

A few months ago I happened to be in a store in David that makes signs. At that time there were two women wanting to have a poster made for their new beauty salon. As they were describing their offerings that needed to appear on the sign, I heard “massage”.

That perked up my ears and I asked where it was going to be located. Well today, I went by the K&D salon. It is located around the corner from MicroTechnology, a block down from Super Baru on the InterAmerican Highway.

The two ladies that run the salon are Kenia Rios and Doris Sanchez, both formally with Enma’s Salon.

The offerings are listed at the bottom of the business cards above. Men’s and women’s haircuts are $5.00 and the men’s haircut includes a shampoo.

Let me introduce you to Doris on the left and Kenia on the right.

Now the reason I went was for a massage. This very well may be the best bargain in all of David. I got a one hour massage for $25. Forty-five minutes is $18 and a half hour is $12.50. You may be thinking to yourself that is really a bargain and it is, but I am going to tell you a little secret.

If you pay for a package of 10 one hour massages it is $150. WOW. You can’t beat that with a stick. And Kenia, who does the massages is very good. And another good thing about the package is you can buy 10 and give one out to all of your friends for Christmas presents. How cool is that.

I really hope you appreciate my continuing research to find the perfect massage. My search may be over.

Here is a photo of the salon area where Doris will take care of you.

This is Kenia’s area. She uses a nice citrus massage oil and there is a small bubbling fountain to put you into dreamland.

This has been the best find I have made in some time. If you happen to drop into K&D, tell Kenia and Doris that you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

12 thoughts on “Are You Feeling Stressed

  1. Sounds nice, Don. Hope today, Thanksgiving Day is not too stressful and that you spend a pleasant day with your family.

    Down here in Quito, I’m doing mashed potatoes for 22 people. It’s the one day of the year when I do the cooking myself, and I’d do the turkey as well, but my oven’s too small, so I sent the turkey off to a restaurant I know for them to do it. There’ve been rumors of a pumpkin pie coming as well, but we’ll see; pumpkin pie filling here is rare as hen’s teeth as the saying goes…

  2. Dear Don & Lilliam and all CC readers: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
    Iam so grateful for all the blessings that God has bestowed on me and my family, and amongst so many blessings, for having friends as you and Lilliam.
    Lilia and Mama Rosa

  3. Tambopaxi. I am told that you can make a reasonable pumpkin pie her by using local calabasas. I bet you can do that in Quito too.

    Hi Lilia. Thanks for the kind words. Lilliam feel the same way about you and Mama Rosa. Hugs and kisses from both of us.

  4. Don, You’re right on the local calabazas, and we have done that before.

    For some reason, there weren’t a lot available for home-made pies this year, but we lucked out this Thanksgiving, we had a contact in the U.S. Embassy here and they had pumpkin pie filling from the commissary, so we ended up with a pie just like you’d see on the table in the States.

    For dessert, we also had carrot cake with butter/cream cheese frosting, pecan pie, and strawberry/raspberry pie – and that was just dessert, I won’t go into everything else. Suffice it to say that we had 20 adults and three kids and we still had leftovers at the end…

    Hope you all had similarly nice even up there, take care, T

  5. Ours was more simple and we just went to one of the local restaurants. It was not equal to the ones in the States, but with good friends so it was good. I would have liked pumpkin or pecan pie. If they sold pie shells here I would have made it. Maybe I am going to have to learn to make a pie crust.

  6. Hi Don Ray, and thank you for this post on Doris and Kenia’s new salon! I had been going to Enma’s, where Doris cut my hair and I had a massage with Kenia. Last month I went for a haircut and was very disappointed that Doris was no longer at Enma’s. I didn’t like the haircut I got from the new stytlist, and wondered if I would be able to find Doris. Now you have done that for me! A wonderful coincidence, and I encourage others to support Doris and Kenia in their new venture.

  7. Thanks for the info Don. On Saturday I went for a massage with Kenia and it was wonderful. I told her I heard about her through you. She stepped out of the room while I got ready for the massage and when she entered she told me she had just called to thank you. I’m the one she was calling about.

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