You Have An Opportunity To Assist A College Student

I received the following email with a request for assistance:

Hi Don!
Please, could you post this on your website? This is part of a college project I’m working on as part of my internship. My internship is held at a local cable tv, internet, and phone company, that’s why most of the questions are related to that. My project includes especifically non-spanish speakers currently residing/living in Panama, which is why I need non-spanish speakers currently residing in Panama to fill out this survey for me.

Here are the questions:
1. Do you know spanish? (YES/NO)
2. Birthplace:
3. Are you currently residing in Panama? (yes/no):
4. From 1 to 5 (5-most difficult and 1-least difficult), what’s the range of difficulty when it comes to understanding the products and services offered by different companies?
5. What aspects do you think should be taken into consideration for non-spanish speakers?
6. Do you have cable tv, internet and phone services at home? If yes, mention which ones. (yes/no) (Mention which ones).
7. Which of these services I just mentioned would you like to have more information?
8. Who’s your Cable TV provider?
9. Who’s your internet provider?
10. Who’s your local phone provider (home phone)?
11. Comments or Suggestions?

You can either send me the answers to or simply click on this link ( ) and answer.

Thanks Mr. Don! and for all of you who are willing to answer my questions, thanks in advance.


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