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A Thanksgiving option

A Thanksgiving option:

Please join us for Thanksgiving Dinner!

November 25th at 4pm or 6pm. Price is $12 per person.

Seating is limited and reservations are highly suggested in advance.

We will make it as home like as posible here in Volcan with a traditional
Turkey dinner:

Roasted Turkey or glazed jam (please let us know which one you would like or
Corn bread stuffing
Cranberry sauce
Corn on the cob
Green Bean caserole
Pumkin pie or sweet potato pie or pecan pie or apple tart (what ever fresh
products we can get at the stores)
A soft drink

Thank you,

Jorge and Vicky,
Ph: 771-4709
Cel: 6461-2970
Email: jlca.mana2gmail.com
Directions on the website: www.volcanlodge.webs.com

Jorge y Vicky
Restaurante Mana – Volcan
M.A.S.: Mana Assistance Services

Time Well Spent

Yesterday I went to the American School to assist in an English lab assignment for a class of seventh grade students. Volunteering for these types of sessions is something I always enjoy. No matter the age of the students, I feel rewarded for the time I get to spend with them. All of the students had prepared questions to ask, such as , “What is your favorite color?” or “Do you like the culture of Panama?”.

Here is a photo of the first group I met with.

The majority of the students in this class had a good grasp on English. Even when it was coming from one of a Texas origin. The bright smiles of all the students seem to brighten my day. Continue reading Time Well Spent

Bird Watching and Waiting

I am still trying to get a photo of a redbird that has been visiting. These birds are really alert and know when you are close and don’t show their face if you are close. The will sit in a tree branch and just as soon as you leave they return.

We have to hide the bananas in the house and cover them with a towel. Still they find them and nibble under the towel. I never knew that birds had a sense of smell, but that is the only explanation for it.

I didn’t get the redbird, but I did get some nice photos of a blue one.