Tom’s Container Made It

I got to the gymnasium about 9:00 AM this morning and things were well underway. You can see that about 10 feet into the truck had already been removed.

Most of this next photo is from the previous two containers.

However in the next two photos you can see how much of the previous items had been distributed. Tom said 80% was already delivered to those that needed it. Here is the previous post to compare.

Here are some more photos of the new load being carried into the gym

The community had turned out to help. Tom was sorry that a few gringos had not showed up because the interaction with the locals is a good thing to have.

While I was there, I got to talk to an interesting individual who is moving back to Panama from living in the US for the past 30 years. He is a Panamanian who grew up in the area near the gym. He said that the possibility of his going to the US and having an opportunity to better himself had changed his life.

He told me about his difficult life in David as a child and how some travel priests had helped him. He talked of working in the park shining shoe to get enough money to take a bus to Panama and go to the Embassy and apply for a visa. He told me how one of the counsels in the Embassy had helped him with his paperwork.

Now he is returning to Panama and has a company in Panama City working to clean up pollution, but he is spending weekends in David to give back to the community. I plan on getting with him when he has time one of these days and showing the program he has been establishing in David to show others how to pull themselves up and improve their life.

Like Tom, he is doing what he can with his own money because of the pleasure it gives him. Today was a great day. I am happy I got to meet him and look forward to telling more of his story.

3 thoughts on “Tom’s Container Made It

  1. Hi Don Ray,
    I’m thankful that Tom was able to get another container through the maze. Perhaps in the future, the government will be a bit more supportative.

    One suggestion I would make from observing the photos is for the workers to make use of the wheeled tables/gurneys to haul some of the heavier items like that big recliner.

    No need to create more need for medical help by straining backs! 🙂
    I wish I was there to help.

    jim and nena
    fort worth,tx

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