A Morning Walk

Lilliam has finally succeeded in getting me back on a walking routine in the mornings. I must admit I had missed it.

However, not everything on the walk was pretty. The following is a perfect example of a Dengue breeding area. Rain fills up the inside of the tire and the mosquitoes find it. Shame on whoever did this.

4 thoughts on “A Morning Walk

  1. Don,

    Around here, them old tires makes fur good campfires! LOL!

    Start one of those doormat businesses that use old tires. You could retire RICH!


  2. Some cheap vegetable oil would coat the water and not be harsh on the environment. This would prevent the mosquitoes from going past the oil. I live in Arizona and we have mosquito problems due to abandoned swimming pools either due to foreclosures or people leaving for the summer.

  3. Ed,

    Must be worse in Las Vegas! I read yesterday or the day b4 that 80 or 81% of all homeowners are UNDERwater on their mortgages. I could not believe it. I’m sure the foreclosure rate is running inversely neck ‘n neck with the CIC’s popularity ratings. LOL!

    There must be squadrons of skeeters divebombing unsuspecting gamblers ’round the clock! HA!

    Sorry, could not resist.

    Oh, and Don, you know me.. just trying to help & my idea might be a good one here. I know that in pricesmart, for example, a decent outside doormat runs 20$ or more!

    Maybe I’ll finally get to meet you in person if you’re jetting up for the 11/16 meeting but I’m pretty busy with nothing these days..


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