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I am not sure how, but somehow I got on PriceSmart’s mailing list. Maybe I put my email address down when I created my account. Since they have me on their distribution list, I often receive an email telling me the specials and also showing me their current offerings.

I have been to the PriceSmart in Panama City and know that it offers more than the one in David. Recently I had seen some items on the net and the description said that they were only available online and not in the stores.

There have been a couple items that I would have liked to have had and wondered how difficult it was to obtain them over the Internet. At the end of October, I stopped by the membership counter in PriceSmart and inquired about the process.

Here is how it works. You create an account on the Internet and purchase the item as you would off any online site. You list the store that is close to you as the place where you will pick up the purchase. It does require a credit card to be used at the time of the purchase.

I am currently trying out the process. I made a purchase at the end of October. I just checked the delivery schedule and it will be here after November 27. Obviously this is not as fast a process as it is in the US, however, I could not afford to ship this item from the US to here, Shipping would cost as much as the item.

I see that PriceSmart is carrying the 32GB iPad. The cost is $659.99. That is about 10% more thanh in the US. The Apple stores in Panama City are carrying them as well.

If you have never looked at PriceSmart’s Online site, here it is.

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  1. we have online ordered twice for delivery in costa rica, one time it took 3 months, and the other time it was a month. both times they said it would be a month. took about an hour at the store to pick up. the items were large and they loaded them for us.

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