More Rain

I think it rained all night and has not let up this morning. Once again I had mentally prepared myself to go take some photos of the parade. Call me a wimp. I refuse to get out and take photos when it is like this.

6 thoughts on “More Rain

  1. This is the wrong time of year for outdoor photography in that part of the globe, Don Ray. Tomorrow ain’t looking much better. Concentrate on cinnamon rolls and coffee photos for the moment.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. My Daughter Isabella was supposed to March in the Parade today in Boquete with her Pre-school group, but I refuse to let her march in the rain at 4 years old!!
    Many other Parents do however let there little kids march on regardless.. very sad to see such little kids getting pelted by rain.

  3. looking at weather for the Carribean area, it looks to me that you are affected by hurricane Tomas, maybe for another day…..

  4. Bjorn:

    You are right. Tomas is affecting the weather in this zone. Specially close to Costa Rica. Todays news announced that Costa Rica have declared RED ALERT because there have been some mud slides in Escazu that is located in San Jose. Other areas of that country have been affected and road, bridges and infraestructure were affected.

  5. I feel sad for the youngsters. Don is right….they have work hard the whole year for this special ocassion. But I know very well that they will march on the parade even that is raining very hard. They wont quit. They love it and will stand any bad weather.

  6. I watched the parade for about an hour yesterday and the rain didn’t undermine the determination of the kids. There were lots of people throughout David that enjoyed it.

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