All To Often

Yesterday I was getting ready to watch some NFL football and found the following.

It seems that the stations from the US, primarily ABC and CBS have problems often. However, it is not limited to those channels. Sometimes I turn on the TV only to get a message that the channels are currently not available and to try back later. When you are in the mood to hear a little English commentated sports, pixilation and missing channels are a real let down.

14 thoughts on “All To Often

  1. Don Ray:
    Because of the seaseon Dallas is having, I believe is better if you do not watch the games. Too much pain.

  2. LOL!!!!!!! Since this is the first time that a Texas team has made it as far ar the World Series, I feel obligated to watch the series.

    I gave up on the Cowboys after they got rid of Landry.

  3. Don Ray:
    Your are dating yourself there with that comment. The man with the hat has not coached in Dallas for 30+ years, maybe?
    I do not watch Baseball or football anymore, but it is also looking gloom for the Rangers. This area in CA is heavy in SF Giants fans and they are pretty happy right now.

  4. Yes, I am dating myself. when I started watching the Cowboys they were quarterbacked by Dandy Don Meridith and played in the Cotton Bowl.

  5. I feel for you about not being able to watch the World Series between San Francisco Giants & Texas Rangers. What a Series!!!
    I lived the emotions of the World Series, by the way, I’ m a National League guy, I do not know about you, but anyway The Giants won the Series tonight about 10 minutes ago.

    What a Great Deal!!!

    Maybe next year we both watch the World Series together from David hopefully we get a good reception then (you are invited to my house, for next year World Series & I hope, the Atlanta Braves will be the National League Champeons. ( I am moving to David, probably in 3 months ).

    You are doing a great job with “Chiriqui Chatter”. It is fun & very informative.

    See you next time,

    Tomas & Mirna (Miami, FL.)

  6. Off and on… and on….off and on. Will we get a credit for off and on? We have to start complaining to Cable Onda, not only for off and on, but for computer. Need a petition to have them stop sending messages to sign up for other “perks” and “offers” but get what we are paying for. Simplicity.

  7. I am a Houston Texan fan. I am afraid to go out in public…I am so embarrassed….the Texans are the only team to lose to Dallas this season.

  8. Charlotte:

    You are right. You should start complaining with Cable Onda for the service you are entitled and paying. If you dont complain nothing will change. The more complains they will have the pressured they will feel and will have to work for a prompt solution.

  9. Don:

    Some cable channels that have programs in spanish have SAP selection. You could switch to the english language from the original transmission. Check that on your cable box.

  10. Don Ray:
    So you guessed it, Fresno is pretty happy with the Giants winning the World Series. To clarify, the Giants Minor League team is based in Fresno, is called Fresno Grizzlies. Tim Lincecum, Bumgardner, Buster Posey, all now part of SF roster, palyed at one time or another in Fresno.

  11. Hi Don:

    I missed the Yankees at the World Series. Maybe next year. It was a sad for us in Panama. We follow the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Maybe next year.



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