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Potrerillos Criminal Activity Report 8-10-2010

The thieves are back on duty in our area with more crimes to report. Last night there was another attempt to steal computers from a public school in our area.  This time it was in Rovida as unknown individuals caused a wealth of damage to the school in Rovida bashing out many of the window structures in order to gain access with the intent to steal the lap top computers.  However the Crime Fighting Team from the Dolega Police Department was able to catch up to them preventing the loss of the school property. According to the Dolega PD many gun shots was fired including M-16 and 38 caliber rounds fired in the area.  Information received suggests that no suspects were apprehended from the operation.
The Dolega Police did however request that everyone in the community be on the lookout for a black Humvee vehicle that has been spotted in and around the Potrerillos area.  They are asking for the public’s help in locating this vehicle which has been evading them and is believed to be using the network of back roads located through Potrerillos.  Any information should be immediately conveyed to the Local authorities.  You may also provide the Neighborhood Watch Group with information if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the Police. Continue reading Potrerillos Criminal Activity Report 8-10-2010

Major Outage

Chiriquí Chatter was down for approaching 36 hours. I was about to give up hope on the web host solving their problem and was not sure I was willing to go through the effort to restore the files from scratch.

However, it appears that the apparent death of CC was not to be and it has come back from the dead.

I should mention that any of you that still use any of the old email addresses related to the website, you should change them. When the site is down, then none of the addresses that end in will work either. Because of this, I created the address If you use any of the old addresses, I suggest that you change them to the new one.

I will leave donray@chiriquichatter as an active address, but it may or may not work. All other email addresses are now removed.

At last

A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread – and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness –
Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!

At last I have found where I can get a decent (no make that GREAT) loaf of bread. Right here in my own kitchen. A couple days ago I was walking through the aisles in DoIt Center and I spied a bread maker. It was the same make I had in the US and I decide to buy it. I think it was $90 in DoIt Center. They only had two and it was the first time I have seen one here in Panama and I have looked. It is this BreadMan model.

I had one of the old original models that made round loafs and this one makes nice rectangular loafs. I have a good mixer and have made some bread in the past, but never have been satisfied with it. I think I have identified the reason. A while back, when I was in Popeye’s Pizza, I talked to Pino about his bread, which I like. He said he only buys yeast in block from at the Levapan distribution store on the InterAmerican Highway. Continue reading At last

Under the Weather

In case you have been wondering , “Where is the Beef”, I have been and still am a little under the weather. I took a drive up to Volcan last Sunday and I think the cold damp weather provided the proper opportunity to create a cold and my body jumped at the opportunity.

If I don’t shake it in another day or two, I may go get checked up. It is close to time for my annual physical anyway.

Sorry I missed going to Tom McCormack’s unloading of the two containers that have been held hostage for a year. There will be another chance in about a month when his container for this year arrives.

Another excuse I have is that I have most likely had an attack of blogger’s “Don’t Wantas”. I get that sometimes too. I think I wrote a poem about that in the past.

I will try to post a couple of things today. Maybe that will get me started again. If not, at least you know what’s going on in my world.

Aló Panamá

I received the following information about a new cell phone offering that provides assistance for the English speaking community.

Hello Don!

We really enjoy your website because we get updates in different topics that are really interesting.

At this moment we are writing to you because we have a new company called F&F Aló Panamá.. We are a Cable & Wireless Authorized Dealer.

We recognize and understand the Panamanian culture mishaps; therefore we are focusing on giving our customers the best personalized experience possible accompanied of a good mobile service.

We have 3 products that people can take advantage of it according to their needs:

First – Mobile service: there are Individual Plans starting at $9.99, you can get free cell phone according to the plan you pick. If you own a company you can get cheaper minutes with our Corporate Plans.

What kind of benefits do you have available with your plan?

  • You get charged by the second, not the whole minute
  • Rollover minutes
  • You can make International calls at 4 cents a minute
  • You can activate only Data for your cell phone and you can keep making calls with prepaid minutes
  • You can have unlimited calls to your Network with a fix charge of $10.00 per month
  • Wide variety cell phones available
  • We specialize on the new Platform called “Android”, so we can keep you informed on the latest Google Application for you cell phone
  • Get special discounts coupons on other commercial establishments such as Infox (electro domestic and electronics), Lavandería Panamá (drycleaner), Chiriquí Harwoods (custom built furniture made of Teak wood), Machu Pichu (Peruvian seafood restaurant), and many more.

Second – USB Modem: get access to the Internet on your laptop wherever you go. If you live in a remote area, we will test it first in order to know is the coverage can reach your location.

Third – AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location): enables you to locate any vehicle through internet in seconds, it’s very helpful for your company or loved ones.

If you are interested or have any questions on our products, call us at 6618-4288 or email us to or Right at this moment we are working on our bilingual (Spanish/English) website for your convenience, where you can see all the cell phones specifications, Tips and Tricks for Android, and monthly promotions on different products.

If you need someone who can understand your mobile needs, we´ll be waiting for your call and we will give you our best advice so you can save time and money.

Thank you Don for the opportunity!

Wee-Yiong Fung