Potrerillos Criminal Activity Report: 30-OCT-2010

I received the following for posting.

Potrerillos continues to be caught in the grip of criminals, imagine how things will be when the connection road to Boquete is completed and the thugs from over there have quick access to our area.  You should not wait until its gets deep rather one should be proactive NOT REACTIVE and start preparing now for the game changer (the new road).

New case,  with no specific date given
One of our American Residence who has been in this area for several years was ripped off when his home was burglarized while he was out on a day trip to David.  This time it was the home of Mr. Darrel Guevlette from Potrerillos Abajo.     Mr. Guevlette indicated that he lost his brand new still in the box lap top computer when thieves entered his home from a door that he described as possibly unsecure at the time of the incident.   Darrel said that he reported his loose to the local Police but suggested that he had little hope of recovering his equipment.    His lap top computer is described as a Toshiba,  gray in color with a 15-1/2 inch screen.  He purchased it this year and never had the time to hook it up.  He is asking for the communities help in location his lap top or requests any information about this crime.    

Recently the Rovida School was damaged  when thieves tried to enter and steal the computers on the night of  7-OCT-10.   The Dolega Police along with officers from Boquete responded in force and prevented the loose of the school property.    According to the Dolega PD the thieves,  5 in all got away but not before multiple gun shots were fired at the perpetrators as they fled hitting one.     The investigation determined that at least one of the individuals was hit leaving a blood trail.  Information provided by the Dolega Police Department indicated that they were searching all the local hospitals for anyone who may have sought help with a gunshot wound.  They are also asking the community to alert them if any one has any information about someone who may have been shot around that time.

A new security tool,
A new Security Triangle has been established in Potrerillos.    It consists of three points of contact located between the guard stations that are manned 24/7 creating a zone between the Avicola Athenas Guard Post on the North side,  the Citrico Guard Post to the West side and Guard Post  “H” located at the Hydro Electric construction project located to the South East.   These 3 armed Security Guard locations are now in direct contact with each other cooperating and communication together and will immediately advice each other of any security related issues or emergencies.  This creates a triangular  area of coverage providing additional security with the Potrerillos gas station at its center.   They also have direct contact with local Law Enforcement resources.  Residents may also advise them of any criminal activities so they can take special precautions in their areas if needed.   Residence of Potrerillos can also go to their location for help.
Avicola  Security:                667-30139
Citrico Security:                  667-24082
Hydro Electric Security :     693-18104

An additional tool ,
In addition to the Security Triangle,  I have established a map of the immediate area surrounding my residence including all of the home owners, their names and phone numbers.   As neighbors we have all agreed that having the ability to communicate with each other is useful in the event of an emergency and this information could be made available to Police or Fire officials to facilitate a faster response.
Our little section of homes is now better equipped to deal with any situations now that we can communicate with each other if needed.    Attached is a copy (with the phone numbers blacked out) that can serve as an example how to set up a map of your specific area.   All of the residence on our map have agreed to respect each other’s privacy and will not use the information for anything other than its intended propose.     You are encouraged to take the time to set up a map for your area.

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Program Facilitator

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