Restaurante Mana in David Closing

I received the following Restaurante Mana announcement.

Dear friends,

Vicky and I are regrettably announcing the closing of Restaurante Mana in David on October 31st.

Vicky and I put a lot of love, blood sweat and tears in opening this place. We love the place, the community and the people who have supported us and became good friends.

It has been a long and excruciating decision making process to close Mana in David. We came to this decision because we were not able to control the quality of the service and food you grew accustomed to. Even though we tried to commute everyday, there were some instances where we could not make it down to the restaurant and we did not want to compromise our loyal patrons and friends with lower standards. It has saddened us tremendously to close Mana in David, but we are confident it is the right decision.

A month ago we moved to Volcan and opened Restaurante Mana in Volcan, so we have decided to concentrate all of our efforts to making Mana a successful place, where you can come to enjoy good food and good friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Our restaurant sits inside a 62 year old wooden lodge Bed and Breakfast called Volcan Lodge. You can see pictures, menu and get directions at

We invite you to come visit us for breakfast, lunch or dinner and stay with us at the Bed and Breakfast.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement though the years in David and hope to see you soon in Volcan. Thank you to the many of you that have already visited us and please keep coming.


Jorge and Vicky

3 thoughts on “Restaurante Mana in David Closing

  1. Can´t believe there are no responses yet. Thanks to the owners of Maná. The couple of times we were there, we found kind people and good food. I´m sure they will succeed in Volcán. God bless.

  2. I should mention that there is a hope that the restaurant and salon will continue under other management. It it happens, I will post the fact. I hope it does. The salon gab the best haircuts and was also liked by all of the women clients,

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