Potrerillos Criminal Activity Report 8-10-2010

The thieves are back on duty in our area with more crimes to report. Last night there was another attempt to steal computers from a public school in our area.  This time it was in Rovida as unknown individuals caused a wealth of damage to the school in Rovida bashing out many of the window structures in order to gain access with the intent to steal the lap top computers.  However the Crime Fighting Team from the Dolega Police Department was able to catch up to them preventing the loss of the school property. According to the Dolega PD many gun shots was fired including M-16 and 38 caliber rounds fired in the area.  Information received suggests that no suspects were apprehended from the operation.
The Dolega Police did however request that everyone in the community be on the lookout for a black Humvee vehicle that has been spotted in and around the Potrerillos area.  They are asking for the public’s help in locating this vehicle which has been evading them and is believed to be using the network of back roads located through Potrerillos.  Any information should be immediately conveyed to the Local authorities.  You may also provide the Neighborhood Watch Group with information if you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the Police.
Update, On the burglary case involving American Resident Diane Fessenden,  Diane received the support of 3 different law Enforcement Agencies who responded to her residence examining the crime scene.  This is due in part to the respect and reputation the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch has earned when they were contacted for assistance. Diane followed up and filed a Dunucia with the office of Jessica Rosas in David who is a Panamanian Federal District Judge assigned to analyze criminal cases in Chiriqui among other duties she may have.     The investigation produces a possible suspect who resides in Potrerillos Arriba and uniformed officers from the Dolega PD were dispatched to the suspects location where they executed a late night search warrant of his home and recovered several items of property suspected to be stolen.
The items recovered from the suspects residence were similar in nature to the items described as taken from the victim’s home.   The property and evidence collected is being secured at the Dolega Police Department pending the outcome of the investigation, no arrests have been made according to the Dolega PD.
New incident,  On the night of 8-OCT-10 Most of you may know by now but if not take note, one of our American Residence who owns the Pagoda Farm located in the El Banco area was alerted to a prowler who was assumed to be trying to brake into the residence on the night of October 8, 2010.  The home owner Donna Otool contacted the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group for assistance and advised us of the incident.    She describe how she was home that evening when her surveillance system detected what was described as an intruder prowling around one of the exterior doors of the 2 story home activating the alarm.  Information received suggests that whoever was creeping around the house was scared off by the alarm activation.  Miss Otool was put into contact with Mr. Roman Salinas also from El Banco for a additional assistance.  This is a case were the home owner has taken reasonable precautions to defend herself and her property preventing another burglary or home invasion.
News from the local Police, In response the recent rise in crime in Potrerillos the Dolega PD along with Officers from Boquete have been conducting  operations nightly throughout our area setting up road blocks and using motorbikes deployed out ahead of the mobile check point to flush out and then trap local individuals who’s conduct is deemed suspicious or those who posses problematic credentials including vehicle operators who are DUI. District Police Commander Captain Luis Quiel has moved additional resources into our area to combat the increase in criminal activity.  As always the community’s  help is needed to tilt the balance of power away from the criminal gangs and put them on the defense.    Stop by the Dolega Police department and thank them for their efforts in combating crime in our area.  They have a thankless job that few people want and they receive little support or recognition for their dedicated work. Perhaps you can show your gratitude as I do and drop off a few cold Gatorades or a pizza or two for our Dolega Crime Fighting Team.   In fact
the folks at the Pizza Hut in David will give you a big brake off the cost if you tell them it’s for the Police Department. There is an effort underway to acquire better equipment for our friends at the Dolega PD and the NHW has provided them with military grade night vision equipment on loan to them to help stem the up tick criminal activities in Potrerillos.   If anyone from the Expatriate Community has specialized training or equipment (ex-military /law enforcement) and wants to help out our Crime Fighting Team you are encouraged to contact them.
Another note about Security Equipment, an order will soon be places for additional portable surveillance camera (game cams).  These little digital cameras cost about $100 or more depending on the model and are designed to be places in a culvert location outdoor and left to collect still images or short video clips of anything crossing its path day or night with “IR” technology in any weather.   This camera (attachment) uses a removable SD card that can be down loaded on to your PC and viewed.  I have one and I usually place it in a well hidden location in the wooded areas around my home to conduct surveillance and retrieve the unit about every 30 days.  Not much escapes my attention and some interesting images of wild life have also been observed.
Feel free to contact me if you are interested in acquiring this technology,   you can find them at Cabelas.com
Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group Facilitator

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  1. Hi Don,

    Can you please post the contact info for the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator. I didn’t see it in the body of the text. Thank you, Linda

  2. Sorry, but this bothers me: “a prowler who was assumed to be trying to brake into the residence.” They were in a car that was about to crash into the house and they couldn’t hit the brakes?

    Here’s a tip for everyone…Make a list of all the stuff you have that can be easily stolen; computers, iPods, cameras, etc. Write down the name, model and serial numbers and take photos of them. Same for your jewelry, too. Then, put all that stuff into an email and send it to yourself. Make a folder in your email section listed as “Serial Numbers” or something similar. By doing that you can access all that information from any computer, anywhere at any time. Also do the same thing with your passport. If it’s lost or stolen you can go to the Embassy, access your email and show it to the officials.

  3. Some contact information is generally held back from public view, the low profile is for privacy/security reasons (to many unfriendly communications). Residence of the Potrerillos area and select others have direct contact with the Potrerillos NHW Facilitators. Mr. Ray is authorized to provide the Facilitators POC in a separate e mail directly to “Linda” the individual requesting contact.

    Brakes? The brakes were applied to the thug or thugs who were prowling around the Pagoda Ranch when they were detected by the high tech security system the home owners have.

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