Hip Hip Hurray

What a great day! Yes, I have had a wonderful day, but I am not thinking about my day. I am thinking about the incredible feat that has been watched around the world in the rescue of 33 miners, buried in a mining accident in Chile.

I can’t imagine being buried for over 2 months in such a small space. I have had claustrophobia taking an MRI when I knew it would be over in a couple minutes.

Today has been compared to the landing on the moon. I think it is a great tribute to the human spirit, to the resolve of the Chilean government, and to the faith of all involved.

As I watched the men come out of the greater than 2,000 foot shaft, one by one, I could not keep from weeping.

In a world where it is increasingly easy to become pessimistic by watching the evening news, what a refreshing event coming out such a horrible disaster. I tip my hat to 33 inspirational men and a government that never gave up on them.

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  1. Totally agree with you, Don, and I cried too. One can only imagine what those guys felt in the first days after the cave-in, when they were down to eating a teaspoon of tuna a day or every other day, but they never gave up, and the Government of Chile never gave up on them, by god. True, true grit, as they say; an admirable country and a truly admirable bunch of people who came through in the end…

  2. Well said Don, it shows that if we pull together we can help our fellow man and woman, you have always shown a good example of that in Chiriqui.. please keep up the great website and the positive vibes!

  3. Don Ray (and Jim an Nena):
    Even the reporters (NBC Natalie Morales) was misty eye when the first miner was rescue.
    In Fresno, a local company provided the video equipment to keep in touch with the miners as evidence on this Newspaper report:
    But the majority of credit should go to the people of Chile, to the engineers and technicians that designed, planned and executed such a succesful rescue. No FEMA, Dept of the Interior, Enviromental branches of goverment creating walls to delay things. Ah..and the miners thanked God first, at least many of them, even praying before hugging family. Talk about real freedom of religion.
    Chi, chi, chi…le,le,le…los mineros de CHILE!

  4. And Don Ray, credit to people in your profession.

    I was amazed to be sitting at home and seeing on my computer screen live video of men getting into the rescue capsule at the bottom of a mine in the mountains of Chile.

    It was amusing to watch the recovery of the six rescue guys who had volunteered to go into the mine. They were all confident young men who stepped out of the capsule with a shrug as if to say “just another day at the office,” but you could tell that they were proud. Unsung heroes.

    The miners actually were not confined to a small space. One of them ran several miles a day. Had to keep in shape, you know.

    And the families deserve credit. One wife sat in a chair at the mine entrance for the first 17 days until it was announced that the miners had been found.

  5. Speaking of amazing things, Don Ray, I was just looking at your list of countries from which people have visited Chiriquichatter in the last few months. They have been tuning in from places that are out of this world–or at least on the edge.

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