Another Complaint about Cable Onda

CBS is one of the stations I like to watch. Wednesday is Survivor. This week, about 5 minutes into the broadcast the channel disappeared. GRRRRR!

I also missed The Big Bang Theory on Thursday. This happens all to often!

7 thoughts on “Another Complaint about Cable Onda

  1. They gave us a new box for digital TV and every day, digital goes off. We have to pull the plugs, wait 5 minutes and then wait for the upload. Then OK until the next day. Usually at 9PM and llPM our problem is initiated. Sometimes they give us a treat and do it earlier.

  2. I have found this today that I think will be very valuable for all of you. I have read in this blog that some people have had some complains about bad service, expensive service, long time in solving the problem from utilities companies and also complains about service, warranty and other issues with private business. This will give you a relief that there is a place where you can complain about your rights as a consumer in Panama.

    ACODECO Panama Consumer protection division
    Posted in Bloggies on February 24, 2010 by Kent Davis

    Who would have known! I just came across the ACODECO website, which is the Panamanian equivalent to the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. Long story short, ACODECO is the acronym for the office of Consumer Protection and the defense of free trade, and the handles consumer complaints in Panama and also investigates fair pricing policies. I would suggest spending some time on the site where you can garner a wealth of useful information; everything from

    the price of a 32” Pioneer flat screen TV in one of 15 different locations in Panama, to a list of companies which have had consumer complaints filed against them.

    The site is totally in Spanish, but in the same stroke, I discovered Google’s translate tool which instantly translates any URL. It’s easy to use and you can even load it into your internet browser’s toolbar to do on the spot translations. But I digress…

    Panama’s consumer protection agency is only about five years old, but in that time they have resolved over $61,000,000 worth of complaints. Their website is laid out with the goal of transparency in mind, and it is quite user friendly.

    For anyone that’s been wronged by the Panamanian system: whether it’s a real estate developer who hasn’t delivered on their promises, or a cell phone company that’s charging exorbitant fees, there is an agency that is on your side. I haven’t filed a formal complaint yet, but considering that it’s a) A government agency and b) A government agency in Central America, I would imagine that the complaint and resolution process is far from streamlined. A the very least the agency exists and appears to have paid employees (or at least a webmaster).

    You can visit Panamas office for consumer protection at And you can get that nifty translation tool at

  3. oh, forget cable and satelite. I watch all my shows (loaded next day) on:

    (bypass uploaded by, they have 72min. limit, go for ones from

    solved 🙂

  4. Cable Onda changed my old box because I wasn’t getting reception on a multitude of channels. The new digital box is somewhat better but occasionally I still get blacked out. What really annoys me is the programming or lack thereof. An example, I was watching a really important (to me) baseball game that was interrupted for a commercial but when the commercial was over a different baseball game came on!!! ALSO WHAT REALLY BUGS ME IS THE AUDIO…. WHENEVER A COMMERCIAL COMES ON IT IS AT LEAST TWICE AS LOUD AS THE PROGRAMMING!!! Additionally, many times the on-screen guide is incorrect. And, I have had the same Cable TV/Internet service for the past three or four years and lately (the last six months) my bill amount is different (ex. $76.29, $66.71, $65.86, $80.60 …) with no change in service. I visited the Cable Onda office yesterday to get an explanation and their was only one service rep on duty. As we were number 4 on the waiting line I figured we would be taken within a half hour as we had a doctors appointment. 45 minutes later we had to leave without being serviced as the doctors appointment for my daughter was more important than finding out why different charges were incurred. I could go on and on but what’s the use (I’ve been living here over 10 years and know how things don’t work)!!!

  5. I had similar problems with Cable Onda as well, so I decided to cancel my contract with them. Well! That experience led to threating phone calls from Cable Onda and on line threats to sue me if I did not continue to pay them even though the contract was cancelled.
    If you decide to cancel, do it all exactely as they request, with a written letter, signed by a lawyer or notary, and keep a copy of all for your records. Is it possible to put a denuncia against them for harresment? I don’t think it would do any good. I was intemidated for 8 months, with threats of lawsuits if I did not continue paying for a service I no longer had.
    No wonder Carlos Slim is a wealthy man, he owns this company you know. Once you sign up with them, you are not allowed to quit, sounds like the Itilian Mafia eh.

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