No Hay Agua

There is nothing like waking up and going to the bathroom to wash the sleep out of your eyes and realizing that there is no watter. Arg! Grawl. Hiss.

Just going to be another day in Panama!

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  1. Hi Don,
    I was in Costa Rica for six months about 20 years ago. One of the places I stayed was in San Antonio de Belen and it was up on this hill in the town. The people on the hill got no water pressure during the day so they all had large concrete tanks that were on their roofs and worked much like the reserve tank in the toilet system. All night they would collect water and then shut off but this way the people on the hill had water all day for everything. Something you might wish to look into. I’m sure it would be cost effective.

  2. Hi Ed. The owner of this Edificio advertised a water reserve when he built the building. However, he built it without a reserve. That is the difference between marketing in Panama and execution. Anyone that buys based on initial propaganda gets surprised a lot of times in Panama. The locals just smile when you seem surprised.

    Hi Jaime. LOL. No I have become accustomed to the water problems. They have been more in frequency this year, but I plan on staying. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  3. Don:

    For the first time the last 2 or 3 years the big powerful developers in Panama have been carried to court. Why? because of false advertising.

    ACODECO ( and his director Pedro Meilan has done a terrific job by stopping abuses against consumers.

    I dont know how old is the EDIFICIO you live and if you and all other people living in the building could join together and claim to the developer or owner of the building to install the water reserve tank and the pump system. If you have with you all the drawings, rendering and advertising of the building showing or telling that it included the water reserve tank then you have a case.

    I can suggest you to see the website of the ACODECO and investigate what can you do about this problem you have in your Edificio.

  4. Jaime says:
    September 30, 2010 at 11:41 am

    Don Ray:
    But will you change living in “Paradise” for Texas constant supply of water?

    Jaime, you must not live in Houston…we`ve been out of water a few times here too during my years here….not quite as often but it does happen , plus we deal with those Hurricanes too……last year no electricity for 8 days (Ike)….1984? no electricity for 40 days (Alicia)and it gets hot and humid….lol

  5. Bjorn:
    That is why I live in Central California: no hurricanes, no tornadoes, no snow blizzards (not even snow), no floods, only occasional shaking. And very low humidity. As the matter of fact, I miss a lot of things from my native Panama, but humidity is something I certainly love to live without. Bad things about living in California…well, California…as in high taxes, tons of stupid regulations, inept Legislature, not to mention our Governator!

  6. Jaime, I know about Calif., my daughter lives there , LA. now for close to 10 yrs…
    but hurricanes or not I rather know of one coming, than not knowing about Earthquake coming…but Calif. is a beautiful place, just bankrupt and many,many weird regulations….
    a few years ago I visited , studied some home develpoments in orange county and south of plus north of it…
    3 of us wanted to go thru some homes…one we came to was a model that was just emptied out, they wouldnt let us in , “because it was toxic”!
    we asked why, they said tyey had just painted it! lol.
    if that was toxic, we wouldnt be alive as we (builders and Architects) go thru freshly painted homes daily! …. different strokes for different folks!

    but ,yes there IS California snow! just not in southern Calif.

    and as we have high humidity in Houston it was nice visiting Boquete, rain or not , humidity didnt seem high to me coming from here. And in my native Sweden ,its too cold, snowy , too dark in the “winter months”, even though nice and light the summer months

  7. Don Ray:
    Traffic is not a probelm in the Fresno-Clovis area. Also, in winter I drive one hour to the mountains and I will get to skiing areas (China Peak, Badger Pass in Yosemite national Park) A 2 hour drive will get me to Monterrey Ca or Pismo Beach. 3 to 4 hour drive to LA, 3 to San Francisco. Is just like David, no much to see in the city, but close to everything else.

  8. I suggest we get as many “Gringos” together. Storm the Idaan office, tear up our water bills and shout “NO WATER – NOT PAYING”.
    This is not acceptable.

  9. Mike:

    Now do you understand why we, Panamanians, usually go to the streets doing demonstration to force those people to give a better service.

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