Machu Picchu de David

Machu Picchu has been open since around June, but last

UPDATE 2014 – This Restaurant is now closed.

Sunday was the first time I had a chance to visit it. This replaces the old Mar del Sur restaurant and now uses the name as its sister restaurants in Boquete and Panama City. It is located right across the street from Casa Gala. Look for the following sign.

Sunday is always the day that I try to have something special. After church, I decided to see if Machu Picchu was open. Some restaurants don’t open Sunday, but luckily there are several nice restaurants that do. Machu Picchu is open seven days a week. 11 AM – 9 PM on Sunday and 11 AM – 11 PM Monday through Saturday, if I remember correct.

This is the front of the restaurant.

The menu looks larger than the one I remember in Mar del Sur, but maybe I have forgotten. I didn’t take photos of the menu, because there were too many pages and I was too hungry. This is an up scaled restaurant and the prices reflect it. However, I felt that the prices were reasonable for the quality and presentation of the meals.

The inside of the restaurant is done in colorful Peruvian style and there is patio seating as well.

After ordering we received some complimentary garlic bread.

I am told that it is bad luck to go to a Peruvian restaurant and not order a Pisco sour. Actually, I haven’t heard that, but I told Lilliam I had heard it and saying so allowed me to get the obligatory bad luck prevention pictured below. It did ward off all evil spirits for the duration of the meal.

I ordered Lobster Thermidor pictured below. It had a pureed potato base abound the edge and the filling was as tasty as I had hoped it would be. I think it was in the neighborhood of $13.

Lilliam had another seafood dish that she said was very good. I believe her plate was $9+.

As you can tell, the presentation was nicely done. The food was very good and I will return.

I always try to order a dessert and below is the photo of the one for Sunday. It was a super sweet dessert made with a condensed milk base.

Ever Serpa manages the restaurant and sees that the food is prepared well. If you stop into Machu Picchu, tell Ever that you read about it on Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Hi Mirethy. Sorry I don’t and the more embarrassing thing was that I asked them to write down the names. and then I lost my paper. I blew it. L(

  2. Others may have some better ideas. I know the two pizza places I go to have vegetable pizzas. Many of the Chinese restaurants offer plates that are only vegetarian.

  3. I think that was it. Thanks for the help. We have been meaning to contact you to see how the family is doing. Lilliam will be giving you a call.

  4. Thank you so much Bertha Y David for the name .. thanks to you too Don. 🙂 Now off to look for a recipe and to check if my peruvian friend can make it …

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