And You Thought You Knew Hummingbirds

I received an interesting video today on hummingbirds. I noticed that Google is working on software to put the voice that is spoken into subtitles. Futhermore, you can translate the subtitles into other languages  and in this case, I used that function to make it easier for Lilliam to enjoy the video.

The video follows. This should add to your knowledge of hummingbirds.

To use the caption translation ability you will have to view it on the YouTube site and can find this video at

8 thoughts on “And You Thought You Knew Hummingbirds

  1. Stunning footage! I particularly envy areas with multiple species of hummers. Here in the Florida Keys we get only the rubythroats (in winter), with an occasional stray morningstar from the Bahamas.

  2. Don,
    Absolutly unreal! I live in Australia were we also have some awesome bird life, but this video footage was magic. I don’t think we have any hummingbirds in Australia and its almost worth living in Central/South America just to share your back yard with these beautiful creatures. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

  3. I enjoyed this video because we hang our dryer lint with clothes pins on our security bars and they are there every day to get some for their nest building. Have to replace 3 areas of lint once a week.

  4. really neat pictures…..we have some here in Houston ,also at my mother in laws in Tucson, but recently I was up in Estes Park Colorado and as I got out of or cabin every morning around 7-7.30 with a cup of coffee watching the sun come over the mountains I had this humming bird come to me…3 mornings in a row (Im fairly sure sure it was the same one as I hear they are pretty territorial) same greenish color anyway….I wore a white shirt and a blue shirt with some red embroidery (A red Firebird as it was a Firebird get together) on my left shirt pocket….the bird would come howing to about 18 inches from me (I felt I could reach out and grab him,of cpourse knew that wouldnt work), but it looked like the bird was looking at that red embroidery , thinking:

    “I wonder if I can eat that?” lol

  5. Thanks for the wonderful tape. I have been fascinated by hummingbirds since I was a little girl and I provide numerous feeders on my deck for them every summer. I receive hours of pleasure watching their antics. They aren’t afraid of me and will feed from the feeders even if I am holding it.

    When I was a little girl the woman who lived behind our house was an avid gardner and hummingbirds would occasionally stray into our yard. I would spend hours during the summer hoping that one would come close to me because I thought they were fairies.

    I finally got a close up of a hummingbird when I lived in Panama. I found a dead one on the ground and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  6. I am blessed with at least four territorial hummingbirds that seem to enjoy my feeder hanging beneath my carport. There are two or three that have white breasts and black tops and one very tubby round bird with indistinct but dark coloring and one with a super long beak!!! I have tried to look up pics of these birds that I see and am unable to find any that matches the description that I gave… I live in Alto Boquete area in Oriana neighborhood. They are quite delightful to watch as they perch on the clothesline next to the feeder, how they approach the feeder and how other combative birds try to prevent others from feeding there, watching them do acrobatics around each other and play a lot….

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