Restorante Pizzeria Revisited

Yesterday, for lunch, we stopped at Restorante Pizzeria. It was another great meal served by very hospitable folks.

I ordered a Calzone and it was outstanding, The filling had mushrooms, ground beef, cheese, and a little bacon for extra flavor. It was first class.

I have enjoyed every meal I have had there. I told Maurizio that I was going to post a photo of my Calzone so more people would know about their restaurant.

He said they were going to have ravioli for lunch and asked if I wanted to see what their ravioli looked like. Of course I did.

He said they can make it with the type of filling you want and it is better if you call ahead if you have a special request. That will definitely be on my list to be tried.

This is a good Italian restaurant run by Italians. Good food good service and a very friendly atmosphere. Other photos and directions, to the restaurant, can be found on the original post.

8 thoughts on “Restorante Pizzeria Revisited

  1. For those of us that do not know David that weel can you directions .I do not know where Plaza Real is

  2. If you are in front of Oteima, which is across from Hotel Ciudad de David, take that street (it is one way to the next block and on the left is Plaza Real.

    If you don’t know wheit Oteima or Hotel Ciudad de David is, pay a cab driver to let you follow him.

  3. This the Italian restaurant in front of Mostos, also known as “A TU GUSTO Y A MI MANERA”? Maurizio, a veteran restauranteur, with his wife and daughter in law, Consuelo, offer excellent and genuine Italian meals. Make you feel welcome every time.
    Long time coming in David. Magnifico every meal!

  4. Hi, I’m glad that you are all enjoying their cooking. We had the pleasure of having them as our neighbours in Uruguay, before they moved to Panama, and were privvy to some delicious pizza and lasagne. Hope that we get to Panama, so I can try the ravioli – looks wonderful


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