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I received the following request for posting.

Hi Don
I know you are not running a website for people to sell things but I hope you may be able to add a small post for me. Panama denied my residency for whatever reason and I am leaving.
I need to sell a like new refrigerator and queen bed from Furniture City. I am also selling a nice lot just north of KFC. I will do my best to give any fellow American/Canadian a good deal on these things. If you can post this the lot is 600 Sq meters at $37 not a bad price since many in that area are priced higher.
I also still have the little mini Doberman (called a pincher I think) and she needs a good home, I do not intend to sell her, just want to find someone who can care for her (she is very cute).

Scott 6771 2916

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  1. Patrick, Vicky is asking ( I think) how long you have had the dog (age), if she would be a good watch dog (not guard dog) and if she would like the Volcan climate.

  2. Hello,

    How much are you asking for the queen bed?

    What brand 0f Mattress and bed type(model)?

    Could you possibly forward a photograph of the queen bed and the Miniature Pincher?

    Possibly forward your E-mail to me about the queen bed and the female Miniature Pincher?

    Thank you for your time!

    I am very sorry to to read about your plight here in Panama.


  3. Don Thanks for posting, one small detail the email is from Scott not Patrick so the above email is incorrect.

    I will be in and out of Panama the next two weeks or so. If any one whishes to contact me and can not by phone please reply here and I will contact you.

    The dog is small and will not make a good watch dog. She needs a loving home and will return that love, that is about all.

    The refrigerator is about 15 sq feet, 6 feet tall. Looking for $450, like new 1 year old. The bed is also very nice paid 650 for it complete with base and I am asking $350. I also have a few other things, like a dresser.

    I plan to be out of Panama by the end of Sept. but will be in Costa Rica for a month or two before I go to sell the lot.

  4. The bed is a “Deep Sleep – Queen Regal” That is what the receipt says. I have had 2 back surgeries and bought this because it is high quality (made in the US). The base is like a solid mattress/boxspring with 9 legs.

    As far as the dog, I mean no disrespect to anyone here, but she is not a thing of value or watch dog or anything like this. She showed up here in very bad shape and I was unsure she would live at first. I have taken care of her the best I can and she is doing fine now. I want to give her away to someone that wants a companion and will take care of her.

    If I even think that she will be resold or tied to a wall for the remainder of her life please don’t ask as I will not give her away like this. Again I do not mean to sound rude to anyone but unless someone wants a loving pet no questions asked she will stay here. It will be hard enough to leave her behind so I just need to know she will have a good home. As far as age she is most likely about 5-6 months old.

    Hey Don thanks for the correction, not like I have not done things like that myself!

  5. We have a website in Boquete for adoption of dogs and cats. If you send me a picture of your dog, a brief description of her (friendly? spayed?) and your contact information, I will post her, and maybe we can find her a good home.
    The website is listed above, if you want to take a look at it.


  7. Scott,

    Here is my E-mail:

    I am very interested in the Miniature Pincher.

    I have had two Miniature Pincher one I rescued from a pet store and the other one I adopted because it had diabetes.

    They both died of old age( 12 & 10 years).

    They were my best companions and went every where with me.

    When you get back contact me off line, please?

    I am still interested in the Queen bed.

    I am medically retired now.

    I have lived in Panama for four years this time.

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon?


    Your email does not work as posted. Please call me at 6771 2916, I am back in Panama for about a week.

    I still have the bed and ref. I also have a microwave cheap, a dresser, 8 foot by 100 foot roll of screen for patio or pool, Craftsman tool box and tools and other things really cheap like dishes/kitchen stuff and a computer table.

    I will not be here long so call me soon.

    @ Don, thanks for the space here 🙂

  9. Well I did find a good home for the dog and sold the bed also. I still have the refrigerator if anyone is in need along with some other odds and ends.

    If anyone is looking for a cheap place to live the house I am in now is not bad.

    Upside: Rent $350, AC in living room/kitchen and one in the master (splits). 3 bedroom and parking for 2 cars. Safe area, while like anywhere here there is the chance of houses being broken into but the risk is low here. Enclosed secure area for laundry. The owner is a young girl and very easy to get along with (she is a teacher).

    Downside: Small kitchen but I did have cabinets installed while I was here. There is a dirt road that passes the house on the way to the dump, while it is not close to the dump the trucks pass by.

    It is not first class but I doubt you will find anything cheaper with AC.

    Scott 6771 2916

  10. Scott,

    I tried just now (Sat 11:30AM) to call the number you have posted. There was no answer. I am interested in the house for rent. Please reply to this message with alternate channel for messages.

    Thx, John

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