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Is Cable Onda Having Problems in Your Part Of Panama?

For the last few days, I have had poor service out of Cable Onda Internet. I don’t know if they are undergoing maintenance or if they are having problems, but the speed consistancy is down right lousy.

Sometimes it is OK and sometimes it almost doesn’t exist. It is the inconsistency that is as frustrating as anything. VOIP has been practically unusable for two days.

I just ran a speed test and it completed well with good speeds. An hour ago it wasn’t fast enough to download the speed test.

Yawn! This is Panama.

More iPad Reflections

I have to admit that I am liking my iPad more than I would have thought. I am using it for things I never thought I would use it. I bought it as a replacement for travel to be used for email and for Internet surfing.

However, I am finding that I am using it even in the house everyday since I returned to David. Reading books is a pleasure and I can buy books from any of the main book outlets in the US, B&N, Amazon, Borders and Apple. I have books from each and find that sometimes prices are cheaper in one than in the others, so not having to go to a single source is nice.

Unfortunately, I have found that some of the down loadable apps can be addictive. I downloaded a game called the Treasures of Montezuma and played it so much that it gave me gave me carpel tunnel syndrome of the shoulder, if there is such a thing.

I have no problem getting any app or book or other purchase from iTunes. As I said in a previous post, I did not purchase the 3G model. For my needs the extra cost could not be justified. My wireless router and connections at all hotels more than satisfy my needs.

The iPad has about convinced me that hardback and paperback books are on their way out, just as the mono record gave way to stereo, the vinyl record gave way to 8-track, the 8-track gave way to cassette, the cassette to CD, the CD to DVD etc. Continue reading More iPad Reflections

Not To Be Found In David

It is getting so that you can find almost anything in David and never have to go to Panama City’ However, there is one thing I have never been able to find in David and I haven’t been willing to take the time to find out if it is in Panama City.

On my trip to the US, I picked up a bottle which should last me for some time. You can find all sorts of cologne and after shave, but Electric Pre-Shave is not to be had. If you have seen any, let me know.

Tras Las Huellas Del Maestro

I am behind in my posting. Maybe I am slowing down. 🙂

Last Sunday there was a special recognition for the ladies that help in the church with the catechism training for the youth of the church. They are in pink in the following photo.

Also there was an announcement of a concert (Tras Las Huellas Del Maestro) to be held in Edificio Don Ramon at the David Fair Grounds as described below. Continue reading Tras Las Huellas Del Maestro