2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 For Sale – Submit your Bid

Sold! Thank you Lord!

Yesterday I received the final paperwork that will allow the sale of the Paul Nunes Pickup. It is now registered and has insurance paid for one year.

I have had Carlos Saldana at Auto Servicios provide me an estimate of its value in Panama and he said it should bring at least $15,000, so that is the target price I am hoping to get. Submit your bid. When the bids are in I will confer with the heirs to see if the offer is acceptable. I want to thank Carlos who serviced the pickup and assisted me in cleaning it inside and outside.

The original sticker price was $32,000. It is a V-8 gasoline engine and has 126,000 miles on it. I have driven the pickup and it runs and drives very good. It has all the bells and whistles. It is a 4X4.

It is used by a building contractor and has a special metal frame, as seen in the photos, for carrying lumber. It also has a custom lockable metal storage that should have a value in the US of around $350.

The tires, including the spare, are all in good condition. The is very clean and appears to have been well taken maintained. I had hoped to have this sold before I left on vacation, but I don’t think that is going to be possible. This post will remain on top until the pickup is sold.

It will be available to be seen by appointment now and while I am out of the country. You can submit a bid by writing donraycc@gmail.com or by leaving a sealed bid with Jorge Cedeño at Restaurante Mana.
This is the last of the items from the Paul Nunes estate. If you need a truck, make a bid. There are several tools that will be included with the pickup. I see no need for a special auction. A reasonable offer on the pickup will receive the tools as well. There is a small ACE table saw, a heavy duty drill, lots of wrenches, levels and other items.

UPDATE Aug 4: This post is strictly for answering questions about this vehicle. If you have a question, leave the question as a comment and I will do my best to answer it. If you want to discuss buying and selling things in Panama,  the value of your car, the price of eggs in China or anything else then go to some discussion group and discuss it. If you want to bid on this car use the email address above of contact Jorge and he will email me.

UPDATE August 17: I have removed the current bid at the bidders request. If you are interested in the truck pass on your level of interest to Jorge as mentioned above.

Photos follow:

13 thoughts on “2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 For Sale – Submit your Bid

  1. Don,
    I thought vehicles were supposed to be cheaper in Panama than up here. Maybe not, if $15000 is a suggested price for this truck. I sold the same model and year of truck with far more extras than that one has for $3000 less, and it had only 66000 miles on it. That was the best offer I got in 5 months of trying to sell it. Hopefully you get what you are asking, but seems high to me. Just my opinion though.

  2. To the contrary. They are much higher in Panama and even higher in Costa Rica. To really know what this one will bring will require a few bids to come in.

  3. I thought the same thing as the first commenter. Kelley Blue book lists the same vehicle with all the bells and whistles, (and I checked the box “excellent” on condition, and “low miles”) and it came out at around $9,000). I have learned that in Panama, used cars generally seem to keep higher value than in the States, but it might be helpful to know if this truck was purchased in the States or in Panama.

    I say that because although every time you post something, saying that models for export (i.e. the U.S. models sold in Panama are not identical to those sold in the States, someone comments that you are wrong about that (although I agree that you are correct — a small example is the standard battery that comes with a new vehicle in the States — it is upgraded compared to the small, basic one usually sold in new cars in Panama). I hope you will post the final price you get for this truck — it will be interesting as a point of future reference for some of us interested in these things.

    Good luck and have a wonderful trip back in the land of the big PX, as we used to say in the Army!

  4. It was a US Based pickup. All mileage was in the US except when Paul drove it to Panama. Since Paul had only been in Panama 3 months before his death, hardly any mileage was put on in Panama. I had it inspected by Carlos to give me a better indication of its mechanical condition.

    Paul had it serviced from top to bottom for the trip to Panama.

    Interested parties should submit a bid and the current highest bis will be updated on the post. The desired price should not prevent someone from bidding. Consider this an online auction with the winner to be announced in September.

  5. Paul drove the car to Panama from the US. Except for those miles all miles are USA miles. He maintained the pickup well. It is now registered in Panama and I paid all of the taxes to get it registered and put in my name.

  6. Just as another point of reference. I purchased one like this (different color) in June in Tacoma, Washington for $10,700 from a Ford dealership. Had him down to $10,000 and he reneged. That’s a US dealer cost comparision though that’s pretty recent. When I checked Kelly Blue book it said it was worth about $15,000. Mines a 4.3L V8 and had 46,700 miles on it and a brand new set of tires. Mine is not a 4×4, however.

    Hope that helps some.

  7. cars cost less and more in different places…you can buy a Volvo cheaper in US than in Sweden!
    this truck is IN Panama , price it will be sold for would most likely be as cars are sold for in Panama…Kelly blue book only refers to US cars IN US…same with NADA book…..

  8. OK Don…Its September now and time for you to come back. We miss you and look forward to hearing from you again.

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