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Hummingbirds of Panama

The other day I met Ralph B. Dessau at PriceSmart. We shared cards to our respective web pages. Ralph has passion for taking photos of Hummingbirds. I have looked at his photos and they are pretty spectacular. He also has some very nice photos taken at a coral reef.

Visit Ralph’s Website. I think you will enjoy his photos. See you you can help classify some of his Panama Hummingbirds.

I Will Miss You Both

Yesterday a very dear friend and her mother started their move from David to Panama City. This was one of my Panamanian friends that somehow stumbled onto Chiriquí Chatter and has given me much needed feedback for several years. A very intelligent lady that has taught me that you should try to start everyday with a smile.

In the time that I have known her, I have never heard her speak ill of anyone. She has been one of the most positive people I have ever run into in my lifetime. It has been a true pleasure to call her and her mother my friends.

A Harvard graduate that is fluent in at least three languages, she has a good grasp in many cultural differences and has been a great source when I needed to understand something about Panama that I could not understand.

Luckily, with the Internet, distances are short and I plan to stay in touch with her on Skype. However, it just wont be the same.

Lilia and Mama Rosa – I will miss you.

Yesterday Was A Great Day

Yesterday Was A Great Day

I went to Panama City yesterday to see if I could get a temporary Passport for a nearing trip to the US. Everything went like clockwork.

My friend Omar picked me up at the airport and we got to the US Embassy about 9:00 AM. I had all documentation listed on the Embassy web page put together and the two required photos.

I was given the option of getting a temporary passport which would be valid for only six months or to get a real 10 year passport, which they said usually got to Panama in 2 weeks (the web page says plan on 3 weeks). Since the 2 week time frame would not satisfy my needs, I asked for the temporary passport and they said it would be ready at 2 PM, which accommodated my return flight to David in one day.

The first part of the Embassy work was done by 10:00 AM. The second task I had scheduled was to talk to the Panama City authorities to get the money that Paul Nunes had on his person at the time of his murder. The David fiscalria had told me that they had sent the money to Panama City and I would have to claim it there.

Since it was only a little over $100, I didn’t want to make a special trip to PC just for that. My round trip on Air Panama yesterday was $174, so to collect $100, would have been a waste of time and money. Continue reading Yesterday Was A Great Day

Typical Panama Situation

Yesterday I bought tickets for this morning’s early flight to Panama City on Aero Perlas. I have to admit, I have started using Air Panama due to past performance problems with Aero Perlas that I have had, but yesterday when I bought my tickets that was a long line at Air Panama and no line at Aero Perlas and both had about the same schedule and it was just easier to buy from Aero Perlas,

I needed to get to Panama City today to go to the US Embassy. Last night at 7:00PM, I received a call from Aero Perlas telling me that this morning’s flight was canceled and I could leave on an 8:00 PM flight, which would have given me an hour to get to the airport and required me staying overnight in Panama City or to change my flight to Thursday.

I said to change my flight to Thursday and thought I would try to get on the early flight with Air Panama this morning. As luck would have it, Air Panama was sold out for this morning, no doubt because of Aero Perlas canceling their flight. So I went over to Aero Perlas to verify that I had reservations for Thursday. Surprise. Thursday was full and I was not listed.

A tad bit upset, I went back to the Air Panama desk and made reservations for Thursday. I then went back to Aero Perlas and gave them my paperwork and requested a refund. I had to fill out a form and was told I would have a check in 20 days.

Not surprised with the refund delay, I headed for the house. As I was pulling into my parking place, I received a call from Aero Perlas saying they had my money. This was a surprise. I returned to the airport and picked it up before they changed their mind.

Now living in Panama for over 7 years, I am rarely surprised by anything anymore. This morning I asked why today’s flight had been canceled and was told it was for maintenance reasons. I would have thought if it the flight was canceled 12 hours before a flight, there should have been time to bring in a replacement. Too much to expect.

This is just a little reminder if you are planning on moving to Panama, expect the unexpected. Furthermore, to me, it seems that there are more unexpected things happening in today’s Panama that there were 7 years ago.

Yes, I Am Still Alive

Wait, let me check my pulse. Yes, I am still alive. I hope the bug is behind me. I am quite confident that I got it in the Regional Hospital visiting a patient. We commented on how dirty the stairs were going up to the upper floors. And not using AC I think the hospital is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is definitely not a place to go if you don’t have to.

I have a lot of things I have to get accomplished this week and am running out of time. The pickup of Paul Nunes has been cleaned and I hope to get all the registration paperwork finished this week and it will be for sale. I saw it after it was cleaned and it does not look like the same pickup.

I have to get another car inspected and its tags.

Last, I have to go through the process of getting a new passport issued. Somehow during the last two weeks, mine disappeared. I didn’t use my own advise and not carry the passport and just carry a photocopy. Had I done that, I would not be doing what I am doing this week.

Replacing a passport (lost or stolen) requires going to the Migracion office and getting documentation of its past usage. Then you have to take that and go to the Fiscalria and file some paperwork. Then you have to get a couple of 2×2 photos and take all the paperwork plus US required paperwork to the US Embassy in Panama City.

The website says allow at least 3 weeks for processing. I am hoping I can go this week and request an emergency temporary passport as I need it sooner than three weeks. To do that you also have to take a previously paid for itinerary as documentation of the emergency.

Keep your fingers crossed that I can get everything accomplished this week. I need lots of positive thoughts coming my way.

Thanks to all that have sent emails asking about the lack of posts and if I am alright. I am still alive and kicking and your concern has been appreciated.