William (Bill) Banyez is in the Chiriqui Hospital with a tricky bleeding ulcer.

He needs blood and Panamanians do not generally have B positive. He is back and forth between Intensive care and room 1. Please if you can find it in your heart go and donate some. If you encounter any confusion there go up to Medic Service and get instructions from Melissa or Emma. God Bless!


I’m now told, per Bill Banyez wife Mayka, that Bill no longer has need of blood donations. This afternoon, he was transferred from Hospital Chiriqui to Hospital Regional in David, where there is a B+ blood supply in stock. Bill is now in stable condition.

I’m pleased to note that three of the six B+ persons listed in Bocas Blood Registry immediately responded to the call for donors. Remarkable generosity, especially since all would have travel costs to David. If you wish to add your name to our Registry, just email to me your name, phone # and blood type. When there’s an emergency need, you’ll be notified privately. Soon, I hope to expand this kind of medical/emergency support into broader uses – a free community service called InfoBank.

Thanks much,

Larry Shane
757 9717 / 6621 1897

UPDATE July 29 – on David Yahoo Group

Bill Banyez has been moved to the Hospital Regional in a critical state. They have a small amt. of blood there. He is scheduled for surgery so everyone stand by to donate if you can. Women over 54 and men over 60 cannot donate. It is the policy of the medical community. Sorry to all of you that showed such a huge heart to go donate and were rejected. Let’s don’t forget Bill if he needs us again. He has taken 8 units and is likely to need at least that much more in the event of emergency surgery.


Weelllll………..Bill Banyez passed on last night. We just found out this a.m.. I’m on my way to David to see what’s what and be with his widow. They moved him to Regional Chiriqui where there is a blood bank and he continued to get about 2 units a day. He was never with out blood. Thanks to the entire community that offered to donate and especially to those who did not qualify due to quirky policies. Just to clear the record, he had a heart attack and did not bleed to death. They might have been able to operate on the bleeding ulcer but judged his heart would not tolerate the surgery. Makes you think…..should we all be thinking about starting a blood bank; not just for us but for the good of our adopted country? Know I’ll be getting my affairs in order; Bill was my age, only 56 or so. May our friend rest in peace with our maker.

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