Hola Corregiduria

Once again the gardener is burning trash.

Today, I walked over and asked him if he knew that it was against the law to burn trash in the city. He said yes and that he had been told to do it.

Another call was placed to the Corregiduria. This time we talked to another person and they promised to go to the house. I will see. This is my last call. The next time, I am going to the office of the Corregiduria with photos and dates of violations.

I was talking to another neighbor and he mentioned how stupid it was to burn in the city. In Costa Rica the city will not pick up yard cuttings. They do in David. All that is required is bagging it and placing it out on the street for pickup. This is either a sign of laziness, being to cheap to buy bags or a defiance of the law.

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  1. Go for it Don and don’t take NO for an answer. “But” I kindly ask/remind you that we in the American Community are not in a good position to push the buttons of local nationals or government officials. They will be the ones to determine what to do or not to do or what laws to enforce.

    Do you think that they will jump at the opportunity to hassle one of there own. We all know the answer to that. Be careful and don’t push them to hard they don’t need any more bad vibes or negative reinforcement from the gringos considering the recent events. Foreigners are not perceived in a positive light at present, don’t make things worse. You may win the battle but you WILL NOT win the war.

  2. You know Greg, I have lived here longer than you and I do not need your advice on how to talk to public officials. But I do appreciate your concern.

  3. NOT SO Fast Don,
    True you have lived in David longer than me this time but I also lived in Panama (the first time) for 6 years and now have a 1- 1/2 years in David this time. Plus my travels in and out of Panama (all over Panama) spanning 25 years. So yes we both have lived in this beautiful country about the same time.

    Advise? The smartest man alive said that all he knows is that he doesn’t know everything, or so I heard. Ones experience is just that their own however the combined experiences of many most often are of greater value. My travels all around the world especially in hostile locations has proved to be challenging but with a degree of diplomacy and with the advice of many other experiences individuals me things almost always worked out.

    You say you have communicated you concerns and observations about this issue before yet little or nothing was done. Armed with that knowledge I stand behind my judgment expressed above. I have met a lot of local nationals who can care less about my 25 years of experience in Panama I rather doubt that they would think much of 7 years.

    Good luck, don’t stop, be polite your actions represent all of us from North America.

  4. Greg, aka (Max, BS and AJ). I do not plan on getting into a debate with you. Your opinion has been raised, considered and recorded.

  5. Hi. It may be a good idea to have people, whether Gringo or Panamanian to sign a petition to submit to officials or to President Martinelli. I will promptly sign my name. When they light the fires close to us, I cannot breathe. My house stinks. If there is a law in force, it should be enacted. I think enough signatures may prompt. ?? People that do not have to deal with this do not know what is is like to breathe excessive smoke.

  6. I am not sure about the law for all of Panama, but I know that the the office in David says it is a violation and all people are to comply. Now they just need to put their actions to making it happen.

  7. Don, I think a petition of some of your neighbors would help. I had a problem with a Panamanian neighbor whose alarm system kept going off for no reason. This neighbor had a vacation house next to mine in Boquete although they lived in David. Calling them at home in David to explain the problem was useless as they replied to my phone call “well I don’t hear anything”. I immediately went around to some of my neighbors and collected a petition and went to the Corregiduria who wasn’t in at the time but his Secretary called the offending party and someone was dispensed from David to fix the problem immediately. Now when the alarm goes off a local relative takes care of the problem immediately. I wish you luck.

  8. Hola Don, saludos, ese es un gran problema en todos lados en David, tengo el mismo problema con un vecino y es lo mismo, llamo y no pasa nada. Las autoridades deberían ofrecer más apoyo para este tipo de denuncias. Casualmente ayer a las 11 de la noche llame a la policía para denunciar un taxi con 2 personas en actitud sospechosa que se metieron al area verde de la urbanización, 20 minutos despues de hacer la llamada y ver que no pasaba nada llame nuevamente, adivina cual fué la respuesta……NO TENEMOS SUFICIENTES UNIDADES EN ESTE MOMENTO……increíble. Muy buenos tus artículos. Saludos y suerte..

  9. I lived in Costa Rica for 8 years before coming here. I surely appreciate this website. I can tell you a lot of stories , as you can imagine. This new car import tax law that was passed recently will make you realize how quickly you will see problems here. Don’t try to import cars when coming here. As far as the fires go I can tell you that I had a proble in Bugaba with a neighbor and I went to the corregiduria? en la noche and thought I solved a problem , but all I did was create an enemy. I am lucky because I have a block fence and a portone and I have a lot of neighbors that are on my side. They want me to solve their problem. As in Costa Rica , the people (PANAMANIANS) don’t like conflict. Your neighbors are always the key.
    If you get the support of your neighbors you have a better chance of succeeding. Costa Rica is double the price and has many other porblems that we don’t have here. I can put up with a little aggravation but I am also learning! This blog, and I hope there are others, will definiitely assist me. I found this website today and will be an avid reader as long as you don’t tell me abouty the US Government. I left the states because I didn’t have any rights and fewer neighborsa that had an opinion about anything!
    Any golfers out there? I need information about the courses available . Thanks

  10. In Panama City, about 8 years ago, in the industrial neighborhood where I have my garage we had a guy who constantly smoked us out burning garbage. The corregiduria
    was useless. One day four of the neighbors including me called the fire department. They came, and after a heated discussion with the owner, entered the property and out the fire out. He never had a fire after that and swore to extract vengeance on all of us. All hot air. The problem was solved. Having Panamanian allies helped as it took took away his patriotic righteousness. With other Panamanians complaining it was no longer a nationalistic power struggle.

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