A tu gusto y a mi manera

A new Italian restaurant has opened up in David. I was able to try it out on Sunday.

As the card above says, it is across the street from Plaza Real. The restaurant has been open about a week and while we went on a Sunday, I think the owners are still evaluating if Sunday will be a regular day or not. The hours are noon to midnight if people are still in the restaurant.

This is a photo of the front of the restaurant. Normally, if the restaurant is open, the iron gate under the sign will be open and has the outside dining. We were the first ones there after church and basically helped open the restaurant.

This is the inside dining area.

There were at least four or five tables inside.

This is the patio area.

Three of us ordered. Two chose pizzas and I chose lasagna.

While we were waiting on the orders they served us some tasty appetizers. Yum.

Here was my lasagna. It was very good. I enjoyed it.

Here is one of the pizzas. They are thin crust like I like them. The first was the number 6 with spicy salami. It was spicy as advertised. It was enjoyed.

The other pizza was a vegetarian and it also got two thumbs up.

We had a chocolate banana split for dessert.

All in all I was very pleased with the restaurant. The owner, Maurizio Locatelli, was very nice and his wife is responsible for the excellent cooking. I plan on returning and trying several more items on the menu.

If you drop in, tell Maurizio Locatelli that you read about the restaurant on Chiriquí Chatter.

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