Need for O Negative Blood.

Hi Don,
Vicky and I heard on the radio an urgent request for blood type “O negative.
We contacted the Hospital Regional last night to make sure this was not one
of those people looking to sell donated blood to people in need. The Dr. in
charged of the blood bank verified the specific need for a gentleman that
has a hemorrhage and Doctors need to stabilize him first before they can

A few minute later, one of the daughters of the gentleman in the hospital
called to thank us for calling and told us her father’s story, and how
desperate they all are about his condition and frustrated that they can not
find too many people with this blood type since only 5% of the population
has it. It was good that she called because Vicky is the one with that blood
type and she is terrified of needles and do not like to be around hospitals
at all, but Vicky wanted to help them more than to give in to her fears. She
mentioned to Vicky that they are from a well known family in Boquete by the
last name of Miranda and that her father is in really bad shape.

This morning, we went to the hospital to give blood and were met by two of
the daughters. They looked exhausted but were very appreciative of the fact
that we were there. Nicole also went since she is “O negative” as well. We
found out that she had to be 17 years old and weigh more than 120 pounds.
She was not able to donate because she is only 16. She got tested any way
because of extenuating circumstances but her blood count was a little low
anyway. I give her a lot of credit for her willing to give!

We spent about an hour there; mostly because it takes a little while to do
all the tests necessary to donate, among them aids and hepatitis. The actual
blood extraction only took about 10 minutes. It was well worth the time to
perhaps help save a life.

We just received a call form the daughter again and they have ran out of
blood again so he is in intensive care right now with Doctors trying to save
his life! We would like to ask your good hearted readers from our community
to please HELP this family in need if you have blood type “O negative”.

If anyone is interested in donating, you can call the daughter Evila
6629-7030(Spanish only) or me 6461-2970.

Thank you,
Jorge y Vicky
M.A.S.: Mana Assistance Services

4 thoughts on “Need for O Negative Blood.

  1. We are SO sorry ~ we do not have this blood type but can it be purchased in Panama city? we will gladly pay for it and the transportation.
    JoAnn 65360939

  2. Hola JoAnn,
    It just happened that the two daughters of the gentelman in needs of the blood are here having dinner and they tried to do that since her brother is a doctor in Panama City and the law prohibits the transportation of blood … does not make any since but that is the way it is???
    The two daughters thank you and are very grateful for your offer.

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