A Big Thank You

The last few days have been very busy days. It is during times like these that the beautiful people of Panama step forward. I can’t express enough appreciation to the Port authorities of Pedregal for all that they have done to assist the family of the deceased Bo Olsen.

Several days ago, I spoke with Licda Digna Maria Lisondro Cedeno who is the Coordinodora in Chiriquí for Autoridad Maritima de Panama. She was most sympathetic to the needs of the family and has provided fantastic support.

I also need to give recognition to the Administrador of Puerto Pedregal, Benancio Serrano who has also provided extreme concern and support. He even assisted in the removal of some of the personal items from the ship after it was released by the district attorney to the family. I can assure you that his compassion and warmth has been of great consolation the the family in this time of need.

This weekend (Friday and Saturday) is a special fair in Puerto Pedregal. For the port authorities to have done all that they have done, while preparing for this fair is even all the more exceptional.

My heart felt thanks go out to all of the individuals in the port for their kindness and understanding in this time of need.

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