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2010 Auction Dec. 5

A request to post:

Don Ray:
Will you post the following on your blog. Thanks so much.

The Bid 4 Boquete Charity team has created a photo album containing 86 items that are open for bids. Items that receive bids less than full price will be carried forward into our December auctions.

We are updating this album daily. To view it go here.

Also check out our website.

You can utilize the forms on the web site to donate an item or to bid on a donated item.

To get more information or ask a question, contact us at

Thank you for looking
Bonnie Williams
Martine Heyer
Penny Barrett
(Las tres mujeres de Bid 4 Boquete)

Father’s Day in Costa Rica

Yesterday we spent the day in Costa Rica visiting family and celebrating Father’s day. I got Father’s Day greeting form Texas, Costa Rica, Panama City and Ningbo China.

We ate Chinese food from The Steak House, and Costa Rican barbecue cooked in the back yard. What a great day.

I didn’t take my camera ( shame on me). I did take one photo with my cell phone of this coconut tree that was beside the house. The larger coconuts in the photo that follows were head high. That is the way to get coconuts. No need to climb a tree. Notice the tiny ones that are just starting in the upper part of the photo.

Panamanian Cedula

I received the following information to post:

Hola Don,

This might be some information that some of your readers would like to know.

This week I went to the immigration office with a client and found out some interesting facts.

This particular USA citizen client already has a pensionado status but was looking to get a Panamanian Cedula and a Panamanian Passport. He has lived in Panama for about 8 years and been married to a Panamanian 5 years. We went in to the immigration office and the first thing I mentioned was that I am not a lawyer and I am sure that put the employee’s guard down.

Anyway, we proceeded to explain what my client wanted and as soon as we were done, the employee at the immigration office said something like this: If the client starts a new process of getting some other kind of permanent visa in Panama, whatever status he has at that time will be taken away. They would have to start the process from the beginning with a tourist visa. She also mentioned that the process was lengthy (she would not say how long) since there are less workers and more visa requests (Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, China etc.), and the visas were not guaranteed to be obtained.

I have to say, the immigration employees was very helpful and nice. This information is relevant as of Monday of this week and might change at some point!

So, beware when changing residence status in Panama.
Thank you,

M.A.S.: Mana Assistance Services

A Morning In Parque Cervantes

Yesterday morning I needed to go down town and wound up getting behind a march for peace and less violence.

I finally got to my destination and got my tasks taken care of and moved over to the park where the march had terminated and the stage was getting ready for the day’s events.

The crowd was starting to fill up the seating area as you can see from the next photo.

You can see in the next photo that some schools were in attendance. Continue reading A Morning In Parque Cervantes

Mosto Bistro Updated

Yesterday for lunch I decided that Lilliam and I should do something special, so I chose Mosto Bistro. It is definitely one of my favorites and it never disappoints me. Yesterday was no exception.

Since it has been a while since I posted a menu, here is the current menu as of yesterday. Mosto Bistro tries to change it menu often, so don’t expect this to be what you find. This is only a representative menu. As a side note – If you need to see the menu a little larger, hold “CTRL” down and hit the Plus “+” sign. To go back to a normal size use “-”.

Continue reading Mosto Bistro Updated