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TaiKwondo tournament

I received a request to post the following:

From……: patrick

Hi Don: would appreciate if you could post the following:

This Saturday, June 26th, starting at around 8 a.m. there will be a TaiKwondo tournament between various TaiKwondo chapters from Costa Rica and Panama. The tournament will be held in Boquete at the Los Naranjos Gymnasium. The tournament will go on into the afternoon with medals awarded to the winners in the various contests. I believe admission is $1.50 or $2.00. This Gymnasium is very large and has abundant seating but advise attendees to bring a cushion as all the seating is concrete.


Jorge – The GO TO Man

I just received the following testimonial on MAS.

Don Ray,

I promised you a report on the upcoming auction, but first I must send you the latest on our mutual friend, Jorge Cedeno. He handled a vehicle licensing problem I had in short order. He dropped everything, went to Panama City to seek the solution, and returned with all the papers in order the next day. Jorge is a very valuable resource to our ex patriot community. Even if one doesn’t have a problem, I encourage them to patronize Restaurante Mana — keep him in business so he doesn’t go anywhere.

Bob Hatting

Thank Goodness for the Internet

Recently my ice-maker in my Amana Icebox decided to quit making ice. I had purchased the refrigerator at PriceSmart and it was also being sold in Casa Gala. Unfortunately neither are selling that make anymore, not uncommon in Panama, and the previous companies that serviced Amana in the past, said they would not come out to look at the ice-maker.

With the manual in hand, I went to the Amana site and sent an email requesting help and describing my problem. This morning, Phil, from the Amana Service Center called me from the US. He walked me through testing the ice-maker unit and determined that the ice-maker needs to be replaced.

He gave me the part number and number to call and I will have the part delivered to my daughter’s house and I will get it on my trip to the US.

Buying appliances in Panama is easy. Getting service is never all that easy.

Time to Buy Vegetables

Yesterday was our day to stop by our local vegetable/fruit stand. A young kitty had decided to adopt the stand as its home.

Early Monday mornings are good to get the freshest items. A visit to the stand also is a good reason to have fresh coconut milk. This young lady handled the machete like an expert.