Ranchiladas at Mrs. Mendoza’s

We went to Mrs. Mendoza’s yesterday for lunch. I didn’t take my camera because I have been there many times and didn’t think I would be taking any photos. However, when my Ranchiladas came out they were more colorful because the flautas and some of the chips were in a bright green.

I always like this plate. It is fajita meat covered in cheese with a side of rice, beans and two flautas. I enjoyed it. The meat was tender and juicy. We also split one of the margaritas.

I used the cell phone to take the following photo. 

6 thoughts on “Ranchiladas at Mrs. Mendoza’s

  1. They are really good… i heard so many ppl saying bad things bout them so once i asked my friend who was one of those ppl who said it was bad… “hey have u been there???” and she said no.. so i invited her… she was amazed =) good food, good service and friendly enviroment… its bout time that ppl in here stop taking trash about places and actually go and try for themselves… i love eating there and everytime i feel like eating mexican this is where i go =)

  2. Hi, don Ray, thanks for every suggestion and comments that you and all people here has sent, that helps us a lot to improve our services. Now in Mr Mendoza`s we are offering you Margaritas 3×1 all week,wich are the best of the area, also we have a lot of offers in national and international drinks,so I invite you to visit us, we are open to all people who loves to have good food and enjoy a familiar environment.

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