Never A Need To Close

Panama is able to keep businesses open when they would be closed in the US. The first time I noticed this was when the KFC was remodeled. They built temporary partitions to allow customers while the external modifications were going on. Finally when the interior changed started affecting the serving area it closed for a couple of weeks.

The same thing is going on now with McDonald’s While the interior is now closed and remodeling is going on, the drive-through window and kitchen are still functioning.

4 thoughts on “Never A Need To Close

  1. Several years ago I was working for a friend’s construction company when we got a contract to do “open store” remodels of five Shoney’s restaurants in North Carolina. We had to do it a bit differently than they are doing the KFCs, though. As soon as the restaurants closed for the evenings, 11 p.m. our crews were inside and worked like demons until 5 a.m. when they had to stop and clean up so the restaurants could open again at 6 for breakfast. Admittedly we didn’t do major construction like building new walls or expanding the size of the place, but we did install new drop ceilings and lighting, build and install new buffet areas, paint the entire interiors and install new floor tiles and carpeting, etc. It was quire an experience and I wouldn’t want to do it again.

  2. Well, I remember when KFC was being remodeled. Seems I had to use the bathroom and only one was open, CO-ED. Waited until the remodeling was complete before going back.

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