16 thoughts on “Neighborhood Project Finished

  1. Me, too! When they first started, I thought it was going to be a boring modern monstrosity…but it turned out so nice…such a great addition to the neighborhood! I hope he has a housewarming party:)

  2. WOW! Your fotos look like an artist’s rendering of the concept not the finished product. I really like the clean lines. I like the lack of shrubs which surprises me that I would.

  3. Hi Ed. I doubt that an artist would have included the electric lines. I would like to see the inside of the house. I bet it turned out very nice as well.

  4. Hi Don Ray,
    I followed your description of the house as it was being built but I am still surprised at the finished project. I can’t remember ever seeing anything like it there.

    How did they get that huge overhang above the front door with no supports!? Is the driveway actually paver blocks or stencilled concrete?

    Now, if they could cover the roof in solar panels they could live forever “off the grid”.

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  5. Hi J&N. Maybe I didn’t get it in the old photos, but there are steel beams supporting the overhang. I would be very happy in this house.

  6. If I were going to build a house, I would want THAT architect to design it for me. It reminds me of the elegant simplicity of the work of Mexican architect Barragan, my favorite architect of all time (Bauhaus guys included).

  7. Hi Fran. I personally agree. I love the simplicity and got this area I like the natural security it provides. What I would like to see is how the open area in the center of the house was used.

  8. What with all the talk of clean lines I’m tempted to say I like dirty lines, but I won’t. I will say I don’t like the house at all. It’s more Martian than Panamanian. I do like that they have co-opted the Latin American open interior space idea, but that’s about it. I prefer houses that seem a natural part of the landscape and reflect the culture that surrounds it. Give me Spanish tile roofs and COLOR. (If you want beige and white you can go to any U.S, suburb and find it in abundance,)


  9. Oh I have no dislikes about the structure. I wish I could see the layout. I just wish we had such nice looking grass in my yard. I do have one benifit with my current grass though, it only seems to grow in cooler or ideal temperatures. When its hotter than heck, as it has been for the past couple of weeks, it grows very little. Which means I don’t have to be out in the heat cutting it.

    As for the house I love archettecture and like to see new and different styles as well as admire the old.

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