Thank Goodness for the Internet

Recently my ice-maker in my Amana Icebox decided to quit making ice. I had purchased the refrigerator at PriceSmart and it was also being sold in Casa Gala. Unfortunately neither are selling that make anymore, not uncommon in Panama, and the previous companies that serviced Amana in the past, said they would not come out to look at the ice-maker.

With the manual in hand, I went to the Amana site and sent an email requesting help and describing my problem. This morning, Phil, from the Amana Service Center called me from the US. He walked me through testing the ice-maker unit and determined that the ice-maker needs to be replaced.

He gave me the part number and number to call and I will have the part delivered to my daughter’s house and I will get it on my trip to the US.

Buying appliances in Panama is easy. Getting service is never all that easy.

4 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for the Internet

  1. What if you didn’t have the manual to look at, Don?

    Well, there is a solution. Go to the following site:

    The site offers access to 1,870,000 user’s guides for 5,600 different brands. Click on the link above and bookmark it…do it NOW!

  2. We have the same problem here at Casa Dragon View. Our freezer and ice maker died months ago. We too, were unable to get it repaired. We solved the problem by buying an actual freezer. Our old one still works as a fridge so we use it that way and the extra room is a bonus. We do miss the ice in the door, but the old way with trays is not that big of a hassle.


  3. Hi Don Ray,
    I know you have probably thought of this, but when the water is out, there will be no ice! 🙂

    I remember the old Frigidaire days with the tiny freezer compartment at the top of the box and the 2 metal trays with the levers to get the ice out that always froze to the freezer. Ahhh, the “good ol’ days”?

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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