One Gone And One Coming

The Peruvian restaurant Mar del Sur closed, but soon another Peruvian restaurant, Macho Piccho, will be opening. I guess this is associated with Macho Piccho in Boquete. It will be located across the street from Casa Gala.

2 thoughts on “One Gone And One Coming

  1. Hi Don:
    The Machu Pichu restaurant in Boquete is owned by Aristoteles (I forgot his last name). Aristoteles’ brother, Socrates, owns Restaurante Machu Pichu in Panama City very close to Hotel Granada.
    Their cousin, Eber, is the owner of Restaurante Mar del Sur.
    Eber told me that he was closing Mar del Sur and re-opening using the franchise Machu Pichu, in the location you pictured across from Casa Gala.


  2. Hmm well I hope they follow the standards if they plan to reopen under a franchise. When I ate once (and only) at Mar del Sur the sauces for both mine and my girlfriends dish’s were the same even though the orders were different. Maybe easier for them but making a return trip for us was pointless.

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