A Morning In Parque Cervantes

Yesterday morning I needed to go down town and wound up getting behind a march for peace and less violence.

I finally got to my destination and got my tasks taken care of and moved over to the park where the march had terminated and the stage was getting ready for the day’s events.

The crowd was starting to fill up the seating area as you can see from the next photo.

You can see in the next photo that some schools were in attendance.

Here is a close of of some students that were wanting their photo taken. They all spoke English and asked my name and where I was from. Nice looking young people don’t you think!

Then they started having some young people perform on the stage. The following young man had a tremendous voice. I didn’t catch the song he is performing here on video. I should have because he was very animated.

I did catch his and a subsequent set of performers and you can see them in the following video.

5 thoughts on “A Morning In Parque Cervantes

  1. The young guy with the black Tshirt and white jeans looks like Oriel Ospina from Canta Conmigo 2009

  2. On the rare occasions my wife wants to shop downtown, I enjoy simply sitting on the wall and watch the traffic and people go by. Better than most re-runs on Television.

  3. Maybe some future week end you might luck out and enjoy hearing the Fire Department’s brass band play. Last week end they had the government Department of Health giving out information about vaccinations

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