Zugey Solon

Now you can go to Restaurante Mana for lunch and get your haircut afterward. Senora Zugey has opened a salon in the front of Mana and is offering all the typical services.

Nicole is also there to take care of all your manicure and pedicure needs.

Here she is clipping to her hearts content.

I will have to give it a try when my hair gets a little longer.

Following are some services and prices:

  • Men- Shampoo and haircut – $3.00
  • Women – Haircut – $4.00
  • Pedicure – $5.00
  • Only Polish for nails – $1.00
  • More other options than I can mention. Ask for prices the next time you visit Mana.

5 thoughts on “Zugey Solon

  1. That’s a really good price for a haircut. My last one cost me over $5,000.00. Why? Because I had it done in Malta in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Jorge, ask if can they do a razor cut. Not where they buzz off all your hair to the scalp like a G.I, but where they use a straightrazor to feather it. If they do then I’ll be in to get my hair done.

  3. Hi Don,

    Where is this located? After running into you last Saturday, I did as you suggested and am finally able to get on your site again. Thanks!


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