3 thoughts on “What’s Up Cable Onda?????

  1. All smoke and mirrors, I am also getting less speed than before. It only gets good speed during the night. However there is not too much that can be done, I know because I have tried with this company.

    Couple of months ago the internet started going out at some point everyday. On top of that about half of the cable channels lost the SAP, I did not have the box just a direct connection to the TV. I tried to ask about the problems at the local office but I could have a conversation with a brick wall and be less frustrated. I decided to switch to C&W for the internet and Astrovision for the TV.

    C&W told me they would install it within 8 days but a month later no one called or showed up. After a week the Astrovision guy came here and told me I had to pay him to install the cable on the poles. Forget the fact the house next door and across the street have their service he said there was no cable here. When I told him this fact he insisted it was cable Onda to extort money from me (it is not I checked).

    Anyway now I am stuck with the half working cable Onda, better than nothing I guess. It is a shame because David has many nice thing but the lazy workers that could care less about their jobs keep this place in the third word dark ages.

  2. It’s been my experience (over a 4 year period) that all of the existing ISP’s fizzle out after the first few months’ honeymoon period. True of CableOnda and Mobilnet and now (apparently) defunct Barranca. The Cable & Wireless ‘installer’ guy couldn’t get me any more than a half a mbps when he spent half a day trying to hook me up. Most of the Panamanian ISP contracts say that they are only obligated to provide you with 75% of what you pay for, and none of them will respond to complaints and/or demands for credit.

    A CableOnda rep in David told me, when I said that I had sent numerous emails to them, that the ‘complaint procedure’ is for the customer to send an email complaint and then go to the David office ‘exactly’ eight days later to see if there has been a response and what it might say. Even THAT absurd policy didn’t work…. no response.

    I now have service with Planet Telecom… (777-9200) and am very happy with them. I actually consistently GET the 1 mbps that I pay for, there are very few and short-lived outages, and responsive English speaking people. I hope that CableOnda etc. is feeling the competition from new reliable companies like Planet Telecom.

  3. Agree !

    There is a LOT to be said for reliable service and responsive promt repair. We’ll take less speed AND pay more for it for that. When you depend on the net for banking, bill paying, phone, brokerage….well you need reliable service.

    We have had difficulties with Cable Onda for 6 months. When they came to the house to change the modem ( with written instructions to do so), they checked our unit and at that brief moment it worked…they left and didn’t change it. We then had 3 more months of misery…less and less connection time.

    I called planet Telecom and THAT DAY they came to install. Every customer I talk to tells me Planet Telecom has been prompt with service. Done… Time will tell.

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