Toco Madera in Hotel Ladera

On May the 30th we took Natalie to Restaurante Todo Madera in Hotel Ladera to wish her bon voyage for her trip to China. I had been meaning to try this restaurant and this seemed like a good time to do it.

Just as we parked I saw my friend Alvaro González. I told him I had been meaning to try the restaurant.

The restaurant is very nice with ample wood and marble.

While we were looking at the menu, Alvaro brought out Felip Andrew who is the Executive Chef to introduce him. He is from Valencia Spain and Alvaro had highly recommended his Paella. The chef listed off some other items he could fix that were not on the menu.

We started off with appetizers including gazpacho, bravo papas, and fried calamari.
The chef sent out this attractive plate to welcome us to the restaurant.

The Gazpacho was very tasty!

We also had some angry potatoes (Bravo papas). Also very tasty and very hot and spicy.

Everyone also enjoyed the calamari.

While we were waiting for the main dishes to arrive, I took a photo of our guest of honor. We all toasted Natalie (on the left) with a great bottle of wine.

The paella was Valencia style with chicken and not seafood. Everyone but me had the paella and loved it.

I ordered lamb and was very happy with my selection. The meat was very tender and tasty.

Natalie and I shared a strawberry infused brownie. Yummy.

Two others shared a cheesecake and finished with big smiles on their faces.

Following the meal, Alvaro set us up with a brief tour to see the rooms.

Exiting the dining room I too this photo of a nice waterfall area which would be great for enjoying a coffee or even a breakfast. Again it is tastefully done and incorporated with accents of marble.

This photo is looking out over the rear parking area. This is the area that was used for the inauguration party.

The rooms are very nice done. This is the bathroom with a very nice sized shower. I am confident that it will accommodate two people. I must put on my things to be verified list.

The front of the rooms looks out toward the river. Work is still going on and when it is finished, it will be an extremely nice view.

The rooms were nicely furnished and the wood furniture was custom made by a company in David.

This is the lobby of the hotel.

If you drop into the hotel or the restaurant, tell them you saw them in Chiriquí Chatter.

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  1. Re: First photo…..Why not get a Texas flag and the next time you go ask them to fly it alongside the flag from Chile?

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