Another Journey

My daughter just sent me a compilation of photos of my oldest granddaughter, Kayley. What a super way to start off my day. Kayley has just finished her senior year and will be starting college in the fall.

What a beautiful girl even though I admit to being a little biased. I wish her the same as I wished Natalie the other day.

I wish her only the best of life’s experiences greet her each day. I pray that those that are not so pleasant will be short in duration and that she remembers that she has many people that will help her through any difficulty.

5 thoughts on “Another Journey

  1. Don,

    You are blessed with a wonderful and obviously loving family. May it always bring you happiness.

  2. I really enjoyed watching this video. Kayley is lovey and looks like such a nice human being. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Don Ray:
    I have tears in my eyes watching the video. My own daughter is jut one year older that Kayley and I can completely identified with each and everyone of the pictures and moments on the video.

  4. Great video, Don Ray! How can anyone as sweet looking as Kayley be such a HAMMER at the net!! Does some of that competitive spirit belong to you? haha

    Washing the pickup barebutt and the bent garage door are priceless! I expect to see both of those scenes from my granddaughters (hopefully NOT the same day?).

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

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