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Voices From The Past

I had a friend bring me a Magic Jack from the US and I got it yesterday morning. Yesterday afternoon, I tried it out for several hours. It was as much fun as my first bicycle.

I had read many accounts of people using it to call the US and now I have been able to use it for myself.

If you have not heard of Magic Jack, it is a device that allows you to use the Internet to call free anywhere in the US or in Canada. When you register, you choose a location in the US and receive a phone number from that area. I chose an Austin, Texas area code because my children live in Texas.

To use it, requires a PC running a windows operating system or a Intel based Mac. There is no CD to install software. When you plug the device into the USB port, the device automatically installs the required software. I have a 1 MB Internet connection and the connection was as good as a cell phone. Out of my several hours of tests, there were only a couple times that there was a little breakup of the words. Certainly nothing to affect the enjoyment of using it. I have talked to people using Mobil Phone wireless that had a 256 KB connection and they said it did not work well. Continue reading Voices From The Past

Koki Kan Be Korny

Koki says hello to all of the people that have written to see how she is doing following her operation. I will tell you that she is doing outstanding.

She really brings a lot of pleasure to this house. Unconditional love is something that everyone should have and she gives it everyday,

She is always coming up with something new. Sometimes I think she is trying to talk. I may have to record the sounds she makes when she is looking at you and doing her best to communicate. She cracks me up.

Recently she decided that she liked to eat corn on the cob. I swear that she thinks she is a human and anything you eat is something she thinks she should eat.

Payasitas ARCOIRIS

Yesterday, after taking the census, we decided to see if we could go eat. We went around noon and I thought for sure that McDonald’s would be open – it wasn’t. KFC appeared to be open, but I didn’t want KFC. We went by TGIF and it wasn’t open.

Hurray for Subway!

After Subway, we went into CONWAY. On the second floor I noticed some clowns painting kiddo’s faces. The kids were having a ball.

Here are the three cute ladies that were doing the face painting. Continue reading Payasitas ARCOIRIS

ACS Inquiry

The U.S. Embassy has received inquiries from friends in the U.S. looking for the following American:

WATSON, Ezeker Alexander

Born May 23, 1944, Bocas del Toro, Panama

Black Male, 5′ 3″ height, black hair, brown eyes.

Mr. Watson had been staying in Almirante, Bocas del Toro, but was last seen during the week of May 10 in David, Chiriqui, close to the Bus Terminal. He is a Panamanian/U.S. dual citizen. If you see or contact Mr. Watson, please ask him to contact the U.S. Embassy or forward the U.S. Embassy at information on how to reach him. The Privacy Act will restrict us from contacting anyone without his permission.


Good news!!! Mr. Watson was located.

He is in the Hospital Regional in Chiriqui since April 2010. The story is that the police found him in the streets and took him to the hospital as he was very disoriented. Relatives and the Embassy appreciate your assistance in this case.

Old Photos

I hadn’t been able to pull some photos off my cell phone that I took the day of the move of the Paul Nunes items from Dolega to David.

I had wanted to make the move in the morning because of the rainy season starting. As one would expect, that did not happen. The government officials were not able to get to the house before 3PM and as we were getting ready to start, it began to rain.

Luckily among the items to be moved were some plastic wrap and we made our own shelter for the truck and the move continued.
Continue reading Old Photos