Boulangerie French Bakery Found

Yesterday, I decided to see if I could find the illusive Boulangerie French Bakery. Following is a map.

As you can see from the map, if you go on the street between Romeros and Picadily you make a right on the street behind Romeros. Go one block and make a left. In the second block on the left you will see the bakery. Here is a photo of the front of the bakery.

I was told that they have been open about two weeks in this location. Here is Francis Demortier and his wife Jaqueline.

The people that have written me the most from Boquete raved about the french baguettes in the lower right of the photo.

I picked up several but have to admit, I walked off with a lot of the other goodies in the following photos.

Francis told me that Hotel Ciudad de David have been purchasing his empanadas de pollo. Obviously this is a bakery so there is more pastries than there is bread. I did tell Francis that one thing I would really like to have is some good sour dough bread. When I used to travel to San Francisco, I always returned with a couple loafs. Maybe if we get enough requests, sour dough may come to David.

I enjoyed my trip to Boulangerie French Bakery. Hopefully with the map, you will be able to find it. Tell Francis that you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter. If you need to contact Francis for a special order, you can reach him at the following email address, or the numbers in the top photo.

I should let you know that most of what I bought has been eaten and everything was very good. I will return.

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  1. One of the things I miss 20 years after living in the land of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys is their bread. Well topless women at the beach are high on the list, too.

    I can’t wait to visit the boulangerie. I was at Romano’s yesterday but didn’t see the map until today.

    There are two kinds of places to buy bread in France…A boulangerie and a patisserie. A patisserie is primarily a pastry shop with a very limited supply of breads and a boulangerie is a bakery specializing in breads with a limited supply of pastries.

    I recently came across a blog article entitled “Daily Bread” and it’s well worth the read for anyone interested in the stuff…

  2. Hi Richard. Thanks for the clarification of boulangerie and patisserie. Maybe that implies that the number of breads will increase.

  3. I think I see the problem here. I am using Goolge Earth to zoom in on David, and where your map has Avenidas as being Sur or Norte of Avenida Central, Google has Calles as Sur or Norte of Calle Central. Confusing.

  4. When I first heard about a new French bakery in David, I was excited. I always try to support new food businesses in Chiriqui, because, well, we need more good quality food options. So it was with high hopes that I went to the Boulangerie bakery in David. My first experience was generally good. The pastries were excellent and I overlooked the fact that the baguette was stale.

    From then on my experiences at Boulangerie have been a downhill run. I go into the store and ask the woman at the counter whether the bread and pastries are fresca hoy. She always says yes, and it is usually false. When I open the bag at home, the baguettes are stale and so are the pastries.

    This is very disappointing. I would very much like this bakery to succeed, but I won’t be going back until I hear that they are actually selling fresh products. I know that this is how most other bakeries in Panama work, but guess what? I don’t buy anything from those bakeries because their products are usually stale.

    To the owner of Boulangerie: please make sure you sell fresh products; otherwise there is no reason for anyone to buy from you instead of the dozens of Panamanian bakeries that routinely sell stale crap.

    Allen Rosen

  5. Hi David, It would be better if you went to the bakery and talked to the owner himself. I doubt seriously that he reads this blog.

  6. Hi Don

    I tried to speak with him, but his English is nearly as good as my French, and my Spanish is …umm… not much better than my French


  7. Hi everyone,

    I am a Frenchman very interested in installing myself in Chiriqui with my family. While prospecting in David, I met Francis (the baker). I stayed and worked with him for a week, so I can say that I know very well his products and the way he is working.

    All the products are fresh, and have a wonderfull taste. Of course, it is nothing comparable with what you will find in France, but you have to know that good raw materials are hard to find as well (wheat flour for instance).

    For info, even in France, fresh baguette can be preserved maximum for 4 to 5 hours after that, it becomes either stale (if air is dry or if there is air con) or wet if air is humid obviously !).


  8. don, i am surprised that you would publish this personally insulting post by michael tallant.

    i have no idea who he is, although i suppose he is probably one of the owners of the bakery, or a friend of the owner.

    i am not an expert on bread, but i know the difference between fresh and stale.

    mr. talland, whom i have never met, nor heard of, apparently takes offence at honest, constructive criticism and thinks the appropriate response is to insult someone he has never even met or spoken to.

    allen rosen

  9. Allen, the post you reference is over a year old and you choose to become insulted by it at this time?

    I have never had anything from this bakery that I haven’t enjoyed. Your experience was different.

    I will add that if you respond to any post that is as old as this one, everything may be stale.

  10. i think it should be obvious, don, that the reason i have not responded earlier was that i was not aware of the insulting post. someone recently drew my attention to it.

    once again, i am surprised and disappointed that you would allow your blog to be used as a venue for personal insults, especially ones that are so silly.

    mr tallant calls me ‘a liar and and idiot’ becuase i criticise his bread as being stale. really? i am astonished that he is unable to accept constructive criticism, and more astonished that you think your blog is a deserving place to vent such nonsense.

    you seem to think that no harm was done because i did not respond for a year. i have no idea why you think that makes any difference to the inappropriateness of your allowing such comments on your blog.

    and, yes, my experience was diffferent from yours. but it was my experience.

    the owner’s defamatory response only confirms my initial view that this is not a business i would want to support.

    i have been in business for many years. it has been my experince that intelligent business owners do not insult customers who offer constructive criticism of their products or services. no good can possibly come from that. yet that is the path mr. tallant

    it may not be true that the customer is always right, but it is true that every customer is entitled to express his own opinion without being personally insulted in reply.

    you apparently, believe otherwise, which, again, is disappointing.

    allen rosen

  11. Allen, you seem to assume that this insulting comment comes from the owner of the bakery. I personally really doubt about this as 1) the owner does not speak a word of English 2) he is not really familiar with computer stuff (he is 72 years old !!!) 3) the owner is a really kind person.

    Best regards,


  12. Allen, take note. I do not spend my time acting as a moderator. This is a blog not a forum. Your initial comment has been the only negative comment on the bakery. I don’t edit comments. I do at times close comments on a post and this post is getting close to that point.

  13. well, don, i’m going to say this and then call it a day:

    in my humble estimation, you have a responsibility not to allow your blog to be used as a venue for venting personal insults or other comments that go beyond the bounds of civilized discourse.

    you apparently disagree, and it is your blog, so you get to decide, but when you let others use your blog in this way, it sinks into the gutter, which is a shame, since it is an otherwise valuable contribution to expats living in chiriqui..

    i suspect that if offensive statements were posted about panamanians or other ethnic or religious groups, you would never allow them on you blog. you would rightly recognize how inappropriate that would be.

    yet, as long as the insults remain personal, you are ok with that.

    still, i wonder, i whether your attitude would be the same if you were the subject of the venom. i suspect not.

    that’s the end of the matter as far as i am concerned

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