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Hi Don Ray –

Have another query for you and/or the CC readers. We are looking for parking in Panama City for approximately 3 weeks (October/November), preferably near Tocumen (did not see long term parking option at the airport itself).

Thanks again, Linda

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  1. Dear Linda: If you stay at the riande airport; before I’m talikng about a year or two my husband and I used to leave our car parked there for months at the time. He made friend with the busboy or whoever was at the door, he will give him 10 dollars to keep an eye on the car and another ten when we return; this info was pass to us by another american couple. Hope this helps.


    P.S haven’t dont it in a long time!

  2. Thanks, Mia. We always stay at the Riande near the airport and have asked as recently as last month and were told no. Possibly spoke to the wrong person. Our search continues.

  3. We left our truck at the Riande for three weeks last September and they charged us $7.00 per day. Way less than the airport. Not sure if they still do that but an e mail asking would be the way to go.

  4. Hi Mike – thanks for your info. As mentioned, during a stay at Riande about 4 weeks ago, they were asked and the answer was no. I took your advice and wrote to them, but as yet received no response. However, I continued asking around and have found a solution thru friends, so would like to thank Mike and MIA for their replies and you, Don Ray, for putting my request out there. Best regards, Linda

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