Boulangerie French Bakery

I have been told this bakery is really good. As I understand it, it was previously in Boquete and has now moved to David.

Here is information on where it is located.

From……: Boulangerie

We would like to inform our dear customers that La Boulangerie French Bakery is now open for business in the city of David. We are now located from Romero Central Park down the street one block and turn right to take Calle Quinta, follow calle quinta one block down and you’ll find COREMUSA at your left. Turn left at COREMUSA to take Avenida Central and follow it down two blocks. You can also find us right next to Ipacop or the Contraloria. Our phone #730-5235 or at 6744-4164 please contact us if you need further guidance. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you!!

Buenas tardes
Quisiera informar a toda la comunidad Boqueteña que la Panadería y Repostería Francesa La Boulangerie, que teníamos en el alto de Boquete se trasladó a la ciudad de David. La dirección es
– Del Romero del parque central y por la parte trasera de picadilly, bajando una cuadra y doblando a mano izquierda, sigue directo una cuadra dobla a mano izquierda, a su derecha va a ver un almacen de ropa americana, continua por la misma vía una cuadra y a su izquierda a ver el rotulo de la Panadería La Boulangerie

-Del museo INAC Instituto Nacional de Cultura entre calle octava y séptima, a la mano derecha cuenta 4 casas y va a ver la Panadería

nuestro numero de telefono 730-5234, celular 6744-4164

los esperamos

Francis Demortier

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  1. Yes, we live in Boquete and this was a great bakery. I don’t know why they left, but unfortunately they located themselves on the outskirts of town, and may have suffered the consequences of not enough business to survive. If they would have been downtown, they would have been overwhelmed with business. When I mention it to people that the French Bakery has left town, many people didn’t even know there was one in town. Bon Voyage…

  2. The pastries are wonderful. Those directions are pretty complicated. I don’t know what Romero central park is. Is that the Romero on the park in town? They don’t say which way to go down the street from there.

  3. I may be wrong, but if you are at Parque Cerventes facing Romeros, you would walk to the next street behind Romeros and turn Right. I think this should be calle Quinta based on the instructions. If I go, I will try to record where it is. It is not close to me, so it may take a while before I go there.

  4. Hello! At least I know where is Importadora Americana ( between “Calle Quinta and Sexta”), but let me tell you that the “calles” were changed to “avenues”, ie: Calle Cuarta became Avenida 3 de Noviembre, and so on… but people continue talking about Calle Cuarta… ¡what a mess!

    This is not a new issue either. In conclusion: “Avenidas” run North-South, “calles” run East-West. Let´hope we can find La Boulangerie sooner or later…


  5. for the directionally David challenged people can you possibly give more exact and understandable directions possibly starting with the street along Super Baru or the Pan American highway.

  6. Jim, if you don’t know where Parque Cervantes is, then I am not sure other directions will help. Parque Cervantes is the park in the center of town with the fountain. Romeros is across the street from the park. That park is being refereed to as Central park in the post.

  7. This is a good news as there was no way to find good bread in David but as the others said maybe they can post better directions…

  8. okay we went there today. Starting anywhere in Cervantes Park, find Romeros on the South East corner.Facing the front of Romeros take the road that passes along the right side of the store. Turn right at the first intersection. Go 1 block to the next intersection and turn left. Go approx. 2 blocks or until you see the IPACOOP on the lefthand side of the street. Just past that is the bakery on the same side of the street. There were pastries today but only a few small baguettes in the bread category. If you don’t know where the park is start from Do-It Center in Terronal ( or anywhere in David ) and take a cab for $1.50. Then next time you’ll know. 🙂

  9. If you know where Viajes Crisol is, it’s easy to find. From the corner of the street where the travel agency is located, just drive 50 yards or so downhill. The bakery is on the left, set back behind parking spaces. They don’t have a sign up outside.

    I don’t think it’s a great location for a bakery but I hope they make it work. They are really needed in David.

  10. The way I went I went to the backside of Romero. With my back to Romero I turned right and walked two blocks until I saw the Coremusa building. I crossed the street and walked pass Panama’s Tourist office. (American Clothes Importers were across the street as well as the travel agency, Viajes Crisol.) Continue to walk. Just after you walk pass IPACOOP you will come to the bakery. (After visiting the store I decided to explore the neighborhood. When I left the bakery I tuned left and walked one block and turned left as soon as I saw the bull that was standing under the huge tree. Then I walked two blocks to the vacant lot where the Susi restaurant use to be. Then I looked up and realized I was still in Panama.)

  11. Hello! After driving like crazy here and there around ” el Barrio del Peligro”, I decided to ask a clerk of la Importadora Americana. Then I found out that the bakery is very close to Viajes Crisol. They do have a sign, but too small for our 3 pairs of senior eyes…
    I was born in this province and have lived in David for many years, so I highly recommend to refrain from exploring empty lots.


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