Felipe Motta – Wine Tasting in Plaza El Terronal

I received the following notice of a wine tasting event in Plaza El Terronal:

Hello Don,
I’m very glad to announce to you the Wine Tasting that we’re going to have at our Felipe Motta Wine Store the next Friday, May 28 at 5:00 pm. The director of the ENATE cellar will be coming from Spain to Panama for the first time, to present his wines into one store in Panama and to our Wine Store here in Chiriquí. This is a relatively new DOC of Spain with very fresh wines and it’ll be very interesting.
Of course we only have limited seats, so please come as soon as possible to the store to reserve your seat. The cost of the tasting will be U$ 15.00 per person, but that is a credit here to buy any wine of the tasting, if you have any questions please call me.
Hope to see you!

Gina Muñoz
Wine Store David
Felipe Motta
Tel. 730-4647
Fax. 730-4648

2 thoughts on “Felipe Motta – Wine Tasting in Plaza El Terronal

  1. Don,

    I was in the Wine store today and was told that they only have 3 or 4 tickets left for the event. Just thought I would let everyone know.


  2. Justin, thanks for the info: You’ve just saved me an uncessary trip to David this Friday. I live close to the Frontera (well over an hour to David by foot and by bus) and I would have been very disappointed to show up on Friday and not get a ticket for the wine tasting. John

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