5 thoughts on “This was made in 1948 – Sound Familiar?

  1. It is amazing how history does repeat itself. Now Dr. Ism is just not called ism, but Dr. Fundamental Change. Everything else about this film remains the same. Tony

  2. 1948? Gee, that was before Brown vs. the Board of Education, before Medicare, before the Americans with Disabilities Act, just three years after thousands of US citizens were imprisioned for simply having Japanese ancestry. I think A LOT has changed since 1948. There were always plenty of people who enjoyed “freedom” and resented change, even in 1948, but if you look at the characters — all of the characters in this clip — they seem to be almost all white, male, able bodied, and with access to capital. Things always look like they were better in “the good old days”, but of course, that’s a trick that our nostalgic minds play on us. As an able-bodied, white, male, healthy American, I’m pretty darn pleased overall with the change America has seen since that video was produced. Thanks for posting a good, thought provoking video clip — it made me think… 😉

  3. And it was before we got a black and white Philco TV without a remote and having only three channels.

  4. Had seen this clip a long time ago.
    A lot of it looks very familiar.
    Makes you really think about how things have changed for the better and worse.
    Appreciate the clip

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