Open Your Heart and Open Your Wallet – Paul Nunes Estate Sale

You may be aware that I am the Warden in David for the US Embassy in Panama City. Normally, this volunteer position is used to notify US Citizens about things that the US Embassy in Panama wants posted. This position has allowed me to meet a lot of nice people, but usually it hasn’t been under the happiest of situations. Recently, this position allowed me to become acquainted with the son and daughter of Paul Nunes, the gringo that was murdered in Algarrobos.

Normally when a gringo dies in David and the family comes to take care of his affairs, I may be asked to assist them in getting the paperwork filled out and helping them to know where to go.

In the case of Paul Nunes, neither the son or daughter were financially able to come to David and take care of things themselves. After talking to them, I volunteered to act in their behalf and that is why I am writing this post.

I was recently able to move all of Paul’s things out of his house in Algarrobos and have moved it to David. This coming Friday we will be holding an Estate auction with all proceeds going to Paul’s son and daughter.

So you are probably wondering, “Why is Don Ray telling me this?” Well to have a successful auction I thought we might also auction off some items that have been donated by the Chiriquí community. It is a way for Chiriquí to say, we are sorry for what has happened.

If you run a hotel or restaurant, maybe you would like to get the recognition of donating a night in the hotel or dinner for two or something related to your business that might draw more people to the auction. If you are a dentist, maybe a free teeth cleaning would be appropriate. If your business is massages, maybe it would be a free massage. If you are an individual and have something of value that you want included in the auction, contact me.

What would you get out of it. My thanks for one thing and I assure you that I will put my thanks in the form of a good post. I know you will also receive the thanks of Aline and Brandon, the daughter and son of Paul Nunes.

Logistics – If you are going to have an auction, then you need an auctioneer. I am happy to say that the world renowned auctioneer, BOB HATTING (of Isthmus Vessels & Equipment Brokers) has offered his services. It will probably be worth the price of admission, just to see Bob demonstrating the fine art of auctioning. “ I have one, who’ll give me two, give me two, give me two, do I hear two. I have two, give me three, do I hear three…”

Location – Restaurante Mana – I can not say enough about Jorge and Vicki. Jorge helped organize transportation to move everything from Algarrobos. He and Vicki have also provided the manpower to go through the boxes and sort and identify what we have to sell. I call Jorge my Panamanian Gringo friend, and a better friend you could never have. For directions to Restaurante Mana see the following.

Date – Friday, May 14th at 2:00 PM. View and inspect from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

Items – We are in the process of determining how to put items into groups. If you are donating something, I need to know what it is as soon as possible. Here is a partial inventory – Whirlpool Gold double door refrigerator (stainless steel). Clothes Washer & dryer. Pair of Captain’s Chairs, misc furnishings, Tools and toolbox, Rototiller, HP desktop PC, Pots and pans, dishes and utensils, Many other items, pots and pans, dishes, ladders, bedding, many misc. household items.

Sealed Bids – If you want to participate, but you are afraid you might not be available on Friday, you will be able to leave a sealed bid at the following locations. Boquete (Suger & Spice), Volcan ( Dalys’ Restaurant) and David (Restaurante Mana). To bid, Print THIS FORM. The form should be filled out , sealed in an envelope, and delivered by Thursday morning 11:00 Am to the Boquete, Volcan or David locations If your bid is higher than the highest auction bid, you will be the winner.

Volunteers – We will need a few helpers to assist the day of the auction. If you are willing to help, please contact me or Jorge.

Stay tuned. This post is going to remain as the first post until the auction has taken place. I will update it as more things firm up.

Donation Update: Any donations of unwanted items may be left with Jorge at Restaurante Mana during working hours.

15 thoughts on “Open Your Heart and Open Your Wallet – Paul Nunes Estate Sale

  1. That’s good that things have been able to remain on track with the help of the David Warden. However would it be better use of resources if the proceeds from Mr. Nunes estate went to the local Law Enforcement Agency to fight crime and help them prevent situations like this? It’ better to be proactive that reactive, the Dolega Police Department needs public support in order to provide the level of service expected by the community. Mr. Nunes situation should serve as a call to action for all vested members of the local community to open there hart and open there wallet and help them out!

  2. Hi Fred Kilcline. Thanks for the comment.

    Hi BS. I will consider that action when I see how well the law enforcement related to this case goes. No matter how well they would have been equipped, in this case, it would not have prevented the death. Now the real test is the enforcement of the law and bringing those that are guilty to justice. That doesn’t require more money for Dolega. That could prevent the same people from doing the same thing to another gringo.

  3. This is for BS —
    The proceeds from this auction will be sent directly to Paul’s kids. This will be their entire inheritence. We will notify you of the final amount so you can donate a like sum to the police and justice system in Dolega.

  4. Hello Don.
    I am glad that those kids from paul nunes are getting so much help.

    I am just wondering how that terrible thing happened to paul nunes.
    I did not hear about it – I still live in Florida-


  5. Donations?

    Well Mr. Hatting I admire your ideas to support the Dolega Law Enforcement folks. I do in fact provide a lot of support including translating services, morale support, vehicle maintenance support and help with some crime investigations that affects North Americans. So yes I provide my share of support. I will make you an offer Sir, I will double any monetary donations you make to the Dolega Police Department. Perhaps this would motivate the entire community to help all the Panamanian Law Enforcement elements in Chiriqui.

  6. Enough of the comments related to the Dolega Police needing money. This post is only related to assisting the family of Paul Nunes. If you want a discussion area related to the needs of the Police in Panama, set it up. This post is not the place to talk about it. Discussion closed.

  7. Don, you have gone above the call with helping the Nunes family. I do not think any of us can thank you enough for all you do, you are a credit to the expat community here.

  8. Hi Scott. Thanks, but I am not doing any more than a lot of others. Especially Jorge & Vicky and Bob Hatting. I think that what goes around comes around. I would hope if something happened to me and my kids needed help, someone would come forward.

    As a side note, we still need a couple volunteers to help on Friday.

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