Water Problems Continue

The water was turned on for long enough last night to take a shower and get the toilets flushed. However, the is no water again this morning. This has been the worst water problem this part of David has seen in my 5 years here.

UPDATE: Sometime this morning the water has returned a small amount. It doesn’t have enough force to give a warm shower, but we are grateful for what we have.

6 thoughts on “Water Problems Continue

  1. Does anyone know why this is going on? I have seen on the news where communities protested the lack of water to get some government response…is Chiriqui a forgotten province?

  2. What in the heck is happening to water, construction problems with no resolution? Please note that your taxes are being raised and no resolutions to the underlying problems w/construction of homes, water problems, postal service, etc. Is Panama turning into the US w/raising taxes and not taking care of immediate problems? As stated in other comments, we do not need the road expansion, we need water, we need to end the corruption, we need, we need….living.

  3. I have heard that the problems may be upstream with the new aqueducts, but I really do not know what the problem is.

  4. I am pretty sure it is due to inadequate infrastructure. Look how many new residents have set up camp in Chiriqui since 2006

  5. So far, lots of water here in Cebu, but we are also having a dry spell. Lots of folks, our condo project included, are on deep wells, rather than city water. These wells are drilled into limestone rock (all is uplifted coral here, raised from the sea millenia ago) so the water is full of minerals and must be softened. If anyone there wants to learn about Cebu, just drop me a note. I am learning more about your place, and welcome in particular, the notes on crime (can be a problem anywhere) and things like water, or any other drawbacks to life in the mountains! Is it really too cool there for pools?
    Forest in Cebu (google it!)

  6. You need a plastic storage tank in the ground with a shallow well pump and a pressure tank. This addition to your property will make a big difference. IDAAN charges very little for water so you can afford a little money to upgrade your system. It only takes a few hours in the night to fill your tank. A two hundred gallon tank with a float valve works fine.

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