Los Comales

I have some good news. If you were a fan of Martha’s Mexican Restaurant, then you were going through withdrawal while she has been traveling around the world and away from David, Chiriquí.

I just received an email From Martha and she has returned. The Friday evenings with her creations are beginning again. She is changing the name of her little restaurant and calling it Los Comales.

I plan on going soon. Maybe I will see you there.

3 thoughts on “Los Comales

  1. Hello, If you have time, would you tell me why you relocated to David from Boquete? Too small time? Too cool? Too cliquey?
    I live now in a condo overlooking the city of Cebu, Philippines, the second city that no one has heard of! It is good, but sometimes too noisy, and always dirty, with ruleless traffic! If you are curious about Cebu, I can send articles or pictures I have written, taken.
    I am thinking of moving to Panama, and Boquete sparks the most interest, so far. But, I need a swimming pool, and I notice there are not many in Boquete. I don’t mind a small place, if the people are interesting, and not too provincial (I mean the foreigners). Hablo bien El Espanol.

  2. Different parts of Panama are preferred by different people. You would have to try it to see if it is a fit for you. Whether it is too small or too cool for me is relative to my way of thinking and my likes and dislikes and that may have no bearing on how you might like one area or another.

    It is kind of like whether you prefer chilaquiles or burritos or neither or both.

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