Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

See Something – Say Something

The recent car bombing attempt in New York provides a lesson to be learned. In New York, many of the street vendors are veterans. They have united into a group that monitors suspicious things happening on the streets of downtown New York. It was one of those vendors that first realized that a strange car was in a place that it should not have been.

The same sort of thing is what I think would benefit Chiriquí. In New York they call it “See Something – Say Something”. A four S (See Something – Say Something) focus by those living in Chiriquí would assist in curbing the crime wave that has been growing. Pocket cameras are very cheap and many cell phones have reasonable camera capability.

If you see something suspicious, take a photo and post it on Crime Stoppers and depending on the situation, contact the police. Photos can be an important source in reducing crime. Panama does not have the mounted monitor cameras that are in New York, but I think individuals and fill part of that need. I never leave the house without a capability to take a photo.

It is amazing how much more you see when you have conditioned yourself to carry a camera. If you see the same car drive around your neighborhood and you know it doesn’t belong there, take a photo. If you see strange people walking by over a period of days, take a photo.

If you are a victim of crime, make sure it is posted on Crime Stoppers so that others can learn from your experience. In today’s world, the prevention and responsibility of stopping crime is not solely the Police’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of every individual that wants their neighborhood to be better. Knowledge is important only if it is shared.

If you See Something – Say Something.