Strange Fruit

I assume the strange item Vicky, at Restaurante Maná, showed me was a fruit. She said it came from Africa. She said you eat the seeds. They have a strange resemblance to cashews. Have you see them before?

I apologize for the quality of the photo of the seed, I was using my cell and must not have had a steady hand.

UPDATE: I must have misunderstood about eating the seeds as Wikipedia says they are toxic.

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  1. Hello Don

    The fruit you are looking at is Ackee. Here is what wiki has to say.

    Although native to West Africa, consumption of ackee for food takes place mainly in Jamaican cuisine. Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica, and ackee and saltfish is the national dish.

    Ackee was first introduced to Jamaica and later to Haiti, Cuba, Bali, Barbados and others. It was later introduced to Florida in the United States.

    The oil of the ackee arils contains many important nutrients, especially fatty acids. Linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids are the primary fatty acids found in the fruit.[7] Ackee oil makes an important contribution to the diet of many Jamaicans.

    The dried seeds, fruit bark and leaves are used medicinally.[8] The fruit is used to produce soap in some parts of Africa. It is also used as a fish poison.[9]

    I first tried it several years ago in Jamaica as a breakfast dish served with dried saltfish. It is very Yummy. I thought the only place you could find it in Panama was Bocas but since have found several trees around Puerto Armuelles also.

    I have never tried the seeds but the yellow fleshy part is fantastic. Just be careful it is toxic until the pod has opened on its own.

    Good eats


  2. Hi. It’s Ackee and used mostly in Jamaica but also in Antigua in the eastern caribbean where I used to live. Flavor and consistency somewhat resembles, of anything, eggs.

  3. Hola DON
    La parte qie se utiliza para comer es la parte amarilla claro la semilla es venenosa y se debe limpiar de todo lo que no sea amarillo claro es muy deliciosa con pescado guisado y con bacalao en el negocio algunas ocaciones se prepara .

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